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Irish Studies Summer School

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Erin Hinson

MA and PhD Irish Studies

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Jon Evershed

PhD Irish Studies

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Where are they now?

Our graduates go into a wide range of employment pathways, in many parts of the world.

We caught up with some of them to see what they're doing now

Shawn Reming (USA)

PhD Irish Studies (2013) Assistant Program Coordinator and Site Manager at Office of Pitt Serves, University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Cristina Carnevali (Italy)

PhD Irish Studies (2014) Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Symantec contract presso Concentrix (UK)
Sara Templer (Zimbabwe) PhD Irish Studies (2013) Health & Wellbeing Programme Manager, Victims & Survivors Service (UK)
Mary-Kathryn Rallings (USA) MA Irish Studies (2009); PhD Irish Studies (2013) Deputy Chief Executive at HACT Housing (UK)
Julia Andrade Rocha (USA) MA Irish Studies (2013) Research & Communications Officer, Staffline Group (UK)
Shannon Slow (USA) MA Irish Studies (2008) General Manager at Lagan Legacy - Belfast Barge (UK)
Olwen Purdue (NI) MA Irish Studies (2002); PhD Irish Studies (2007) Lecturer in Irish Social and Economic History, QUB