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Recent PhDs

Recent PhDs in Irish Studies

Stephen Miller 'Sounding Dissent: Music, Resistance, and Irish Republicanism' 2016
Erin Hinson 'The UVF’s material production and compound prison experience' 2016
Jonathan Evershed 'Commemorative Practice in the Decade of Centenaries' 2016
Nancy Anderson 'Re-imaging the Murals – Art and Policy in Northern Ireland' 2016
Shawn Reming 'Museums and the Troubles' 2016
Elena Bergia 'The construction of gender in nationalist working-class West Belfast' 2016
Karen Kettner 'Eleventh night bonfires - tradition and change' 2015
Frances Harkin 'The Irish Diaspora and the Gaelic Athletic Association in London' 2015
Cristina Carnevali 'The Saville Inquiry consequences and changes on identities, memory and the past' 2014
Therese Cullen 'An Ethnography of St Patrick’s Day in Downpatrick' 2014
Cathal McManus 'Language and Identity in Ireland 1890-Present' 2013
Sara Templer 'Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe' 2013
Bree Hocking 'Public art, urban space, and the symbolic landscapes of a 'new' Northern Ireland' 2013
Mary-Kathryn Rallings 'The Politics and Policy of Negotiating ‘Shared’ Space in Belfast' 2013
Jaime Rollins-McColgan 'Identity, music and commemoration - republican parading bands in NI' 2012
Liam Kelly '­­­­­­­­­Identity, Space and the Civil Rights Movement in Belfast' 2012
Betta Viggianni 'Commemorative Practice in Belfast' 2011
Mary Katharine Coghlan 'Traditional Music Schools and Shared Identity' 2011
Jackie Boucher-Witherow 'Marching Bands and Peace Building' 2010
Roz Goldie 'Case studies of local government promoting good relations' 2008
Olwen Purdue 'Big Houses of the North: the challenge to landed society in the north of Ireland 1880-1950' 2007
Charles Carson 'Technology and the big house in Ireland, c. 1800 – c. 1930' 2004
Maura Megahey "The reality of his fictions": An Exploration of the Nature of the Dramatic Achievement of Sam Thompson (1916-65)' 2003
Neil Fleming 'A Political Biography of the Seventh Marquess of Londonderry (1878-1949)' 2002