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BLOG: Staff Survey 2023: “Your voice, and the voices of all our colleagues, matter.”

“Now is the time for you to tell us, through the Staff Survey, what you would like to see happen as part of our next Institutional Action Plan.”

Gillian Magee, Queen's University Belfast, 2023

A blog by Gillian Magee, Vice-President and Chief People Officer.

Following the launch of our Staff Survey, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself properly as your new Vice-President and Chief People Officer.

I joined the University at the beginning of June, and since then I have been struck by what a vibrant and inspiring place Queen’s is – and how you, our staff, are at the heart of everything that happens here.

I would like to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here at Queen’s, and I look forward to working with more of you over the coming months.

My role at Queen’s is an exciting one.

I lead a fantastic team who are working on a range of key priorities which will be integral to delivering Strategy 2030.

Through our People and Culture Plan, which was launched in May of this year, we have committed to creating a vibrant organisational culture, based on our core values and where all our people can thrive.

At the heart of this is you, our staff, and we want to work collaboratively with you towards achieving our goals.

To do that we need to listen to you when you tell us what we are doing well and take action where there is opportunity to improve your experience at work.

Take part in Staff Survey 2023

As the Vice-Chancellor said recently when announcing our Staff Survey, your voice matters at work.

The University Management Board approved a new Employee Listening Plan in June which set out a strategic approach to continuous listening. It will enhance opportunities for you to provide your views and provide opportunities to co-create the employee experience at Queen’s.

However, we understand that it’s not just the listening part that’s important - we also need to demonstrate that we are taking action.

You said, we did

Since our previous staff surveys, we have come a long way and made significant improvements. You can read about these on our Staff Survey Information page.

There is still more to be done, however, and now is the time for you to tell us, through the Staff Survey, what you would like to see happen as part of our next Institutional Action Plan.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete the Staff Survey. To those who haven’t yet completed it - I encourage you to do so before it closes on Friday 10 November.

Your voice, and the voices of all our colleagues, matter.


In line with the University’s commitment to sustainability, People and Culture and the Staff Forum have worked with the University Sustainability team to pledge a commitment that the University will plant a tree, on the University campus, for each area that achieves a response rate of 70 per cent or more in the Staff Survey.

Staff Forum representatives will champion this initiative, encouraging colleagues within their areas to complete the survey and grow their response rate.

Your responses to the survey will help make a positive impact on the environment by enhancing our biodiversity and helping us to create a healthier and more sustainable society. 

Photo: Gillian Magee
Gillian Magee
Vice-President and Chief People Officer