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Plaque unveiling at the Civic Mission / University of Sanctuary launch event, Queen's University Belfast, May 2024
10 June, 2024

"Officially seeking University of Sanctuary recognition will allow Queen’s University to consolidate its commitment to embed values of safety, solidarity and empowerment within our communities and educational frameworks."

young adult holding an elderly person's hand
STAFF COMMUNITY | 10 June, 2024

“CONNECT [carers network] is all set up to be supportive; it's fun, and the people are all nice, so I'd say to anyone that you'd be glad you've joined.”

Dermot Leonard and his daughter, Flora, outside Queen's University Belfast
STAFF COMMUNITY | 7 June, 2024

“There’s an amazing relief that comes from speaking to someone about challenges you’re having, and hearing that they’ve been through it and come out the other side.”

man holding woman's hands across a table
STAFF COMMUNITY | 10 June, 2024

“Caring can be lonely, but CONNECT is an opportunity to take a break from work and caring and to connect with others who have something in common.”

Image of adult and child holding hands against a background of asphalt and bushes
STAFF COMMUNITY | 17 May, 2024

"All staff can avail of support for different aspects of their home life."

road-level shot showing feet of person running
STAFF COMMUNITY | 29 April, 2024

"When I heard there was a 'Guinness World Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Scientist', I immediately decided I would do it."

Royal Society of Chemistry National Chemistry Landmark blue plaque commemorating Thomas Andrews (1813-1885), installed on the Lanyon North Building (inner facade) on 15 October 2013

“We trace the rich chemical heritage of Queen’s to Thomas Andrews.”

Neil Galway - Making an Impact Award winner (centre), with compere Alexandra Ford and Mairead Regan, Chair of the Staff Excellence Awards Judging Panel
PEOPLE AND CULTURE | 25 October, 2023

“I would encourage anyone who has a colleague whose work may not be getting much recognition locally within the university to consider nominating them.”

Helen Browne, Delivering Excellence Award winner (centre), with compere Alexandra Ford and Mairead Regan, Chair of the Staff Excellence Awards Judging Panel
PEOPLE AND CULTURE | 25 October, 2023

“I would really encourage people to check out the award categories and consider nominating a colleague.”

Maria Carrick - Outstanding Contribution Award winner, with compere Alexandra Ford and Mairead Regan, Chair of the Staff Excellence Awards Judging Panel
PEOPLE AND CULTURE | 25 October, 2023

“To realise you are thought well of by your colleagues, past and present, is such a confidence booster.”

Gillian Magee, Queen's University Belfast, 2023
PEOPLE AND CULTURE | 30 October, 2023

“Now is the time for you to tell us, through the Staff Survey, what you would like to see happen as part of our next Institutional Action Plan.”

BUSINESS EDUCATION | 20 October, 2023

“Our new building will be a place to bring people together – students, staff, business, and the community. It promises to be a vibrant hub for making new connections.”

A woman sitting at a desk smiling
SUPPORTING OUR STAFF | 6 October, 2023

“These topics, which for too long have been taboo and associated with stigma, are now becoming mainstreamed in conversations about workplace, wellbeing and culture.”

Image of Queen's business School, a red brick building set in a green landscape with trees
BUSINESS EDUCATION | 11 September, 2023

“Our new building will be a place to bring people together – students, staff, business, and the community. It promises to be a vibrant hub for making new connections.”

journalists and media figures involved in the Good Friday Agreement coverage pictured at the 25th anniversary conference media event in the QFT in Belfast
AGREEMENT 25 | 24 April, 2023

“When we started talking about the events for Agreement 25, it struck me that the one group of people who had not been celebrated were those in the media.”

George Mitchell and Heather MacLachlan with key figures in the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and politicians at the unveiling of the Mitchell bust, April 2023
AGREEMENT 25 | 16 April, 2023

"In the midst of all of the change the University has witnessed, there has remained, for us, one constant: positive contribution, genuine impact and understanding the needs of society have formed the backbone of who we are and what we do."

Lanyon in sunlight
AGREEMENT 25 | 16 April, 2023

"We are delighted to offer our University campus as a public space for debate and dialogue of immense importance to the local and global challenge of building, maintaining and strengthening peace."

Agreement 25 panel - Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern
AGREEMENT 25 | 16 April, 2023

"Inspired by Senator Mitchell and by all those who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, the Mitchell Institute reflects Queen's University's commitment to try to secure a more peaceful world."

1600x575 Lanyon July 2018
AGREEMENT 25 | 16 April, 2023

"As scholars with expertise in international human rights law and transitional justice processes in other post-conflict societies, we have for many years tried to use that knowledge to help Northern Ireland address its past."

Gary Lightbody performs on stage at Seamus Heaney Presents... HOPE - 18 April 2023
AGREEMENT 25 | 16 April, 2023

"The arts play a significant role in conflict zones for diverting attention from the horrors of war and in redirecting post-conflict strategies towards social rebuilding."

Dr Leanne McCormick and Dr Elaine Farrell - image credit: Lauren Martin
Dr Elaine Farrell | 6 March, 2023

"Criminal Irish girls and women in North America might not fit accepted views of trailblazing women but to ignore their experiences would be to overlook an important aspect of Irish gender history and the history of migration from this island."

person using laptop and writing
Dr Judyta Szacillo | 27 February, 2023

"We are definitely on the road to embrace Diamond OA, but there is still a lot of work to do. First and foremost, we need to convince ourselves that it's possible to do it on our own turf."

A purple bicycle parked in front of the red brick of the Lanyon building.
Professor Michael Alcorn | 26 January, 2023

"Your priorities, concerns and ideas will help shape the new strategy."

Two students smiling as they walk along University Square with greenery in the background and a graphic that reads: A net zero university
Fionán McBride | 30 January, 2023

"Tackling climate change is a truly colossal task that requires engagement from every member of society, including students."

smiling young women gardening
Emma Murphy | 26 January, 2023

"I’m really excited to see Queen’s begin the process of developing a new Net-Zero strategy and making Climate Action a central priority going forward."

A Net Zero University - image shows woman dispensing loose, non-packed food from a dispenser
Sara Lynch | 23 January, 2023

"The next phase in our journey to net zero carbon will require a step change in ambition, investment and behaviour change."

An aerial view of the main campus from above Botanic gardens showing the Lanyon and surrounding buildings and belfast skyline in the background
Professor Stuart Elborn | 12 December, 2022

“As an anchor institution, we take pride in social and civic responsibility, supporting progressive social change and economic growth in an environmentally sustainable way.” 

Sun rising over the red-bricked Lanyon building against the Belfast skyline
Professor Emma Flynn | 12 December, 2022

“At a time of economic downturn, it is even more important to invest in research and innovation to see long term growth and secure people’s future.” 

A dramatic view of the Belfast Skyline at night, light up by the lights of buildings and street lighting, from above Queen's University Belfast's David Keir building
Kara Bailie | 12 December, 2022

“We can already see that working closely with our City Deal partners will pay rich dividends for Northern Ireland.”

A photograph of two hands holding against brown fabric in a caring way.
Conor Curran | 12 December, 2022

"One thing I have learnt over the years is that all carers value support and, particularly, respite. A break from caring. For some, work is respite."

people playing badminton in a gym
Kevin Murray | 16 November, 2022

"At Queen’s Sport, we believe sport can have a transformational impact on the student and staff experience."

Jane O'Neill | 7 November, 2022

"We want to support our students and staff in any way we can."

seedling in soil surrounded by stacks of coins
Dr Don Duncan | 19 October, 2022

"Try to be specific and focused in your idea: think of something that you actually care about and are likely to be inspired by once it takes off."

Close Up photograph of lilac plant growing outside one of the redbrick houses on University Square
Paul Wallace | 10 October, 2022

"It is great to be part of an organisation that values outdoor space and is committed to ensuring it provides for staff, students, the local community and, importantly, our local wildlife."

child making paper aeroplane from colouring book page
Julie-Ann Hamilton | 20 September, 2022

"The Queen's Student Mentors over the last few years have been brilliant and I am so grateful for all of their hard work."

One Elmwood facade
Dr Ciarán O'Neill | 30 August, 2022

"The creation of One Elmwood presents a unique opportunity to enhance the student experience at Queen's."

five smiling students from Queen's Cardiology Society after finishing the Colour Run 2022
Alice Devlin | 26 August, 2022

"I have no doubt that the opening of One Elmwood will mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our Clubs and Societies."

artist impression of interior of Queen's One Elmwood building
Hawkins\Brown, with RPP Architects | 18 August, 2022

"This is a living building that we know will be a hive of activity."

Photograph of the One Elmwood building interior under contraction showing large windows overlooking greenery and part of a staircase
Sara Lynch, Head of Sustainability | 11 August, 2022

"Our new One Elmwood building provides an opportunity to further ensure that sustainability continues to be at the core of the University."

aerial view of mixed study group sitting at a round table with books, notepads, laptops, etc
Dr Katherine MA Rogers | 29 July, 2022

"Student evaluations indicate that they like quizzing as a means of gauging their progress, revision and ongoing study."

three conical flasks - one large, two small - containing opaque green liquid
Maria Rea | 7 March, 2022

"What we, as individuals and as a community, do now has a huge impact on future generations."

Queen's Voices on COP26 | 2 November, 2021

Queen's Voices on COP26 | 8 November, 2021

left to right, Hannah, 1st year Biomedical Science, Katrina, BA Sociology and Social Policy (2018), John McAleese and Lauren, 3rd year Geography
John McAleese | 21 September, 2021

“I started working as a plumber at Queen’s in 1964... I am happy to have contributed in some small way to the success of the University⁣.”

Ashish Vats
Tributes by Isabel Jennings & Heather Taylor | 23 August, 2021

Speaking at the memorial service for Ashish Vats, Isabel Jennings (MRCI) and Heather Taylor (MRCI) paid tribute to our Regional Manager in South Asia, who passed away suddenly in August 2021.

Dr David Thornhill | 29 June, 2021

"I will be very happy if we fall just short of the eyebrows!"

Charlie Scott wearing sunglasses with arms in the air
Joanna Scott | 4 June, 2021

"Ultimately, HD is trial and error and the mantra we now live by is to take one day at a time."

Dr Marian Traynor | 26 April, 2021

“I have used my position as a senior academic to promote innovation, to encourage collaboration, to support peers and promote excellent teaching within the university.”

Paddy Brannigan - Canada Room 1989
Patrick Brannigan | 1 March, 2021

"It would have been beyond my imaginings in September 1979 that I would still be working at Queen's in 2021 and in a different discipline from Sociology where I started work."

Photograph of Laura and her daughter Anna Rose in a buggy
Laura Lagan | 22 January, 2021

"My big wish for Anna Rose is she will live in a world where negative and outdated perceptions of Down syndrome are a thing of the past."

female kneeling with running shoes
Joyce Johnston | 11 January, 2021

"There is always something we can do to improve our well-being and happiness. Health and wellness goals are a great place to start."

Christmas dinner table setting with china plates
Peter Scobie | 11 December, 2020

"You can never be too prepared when it comes to a big meal like this."

Bauble, fir branch, berries and ribbon
Michelle Mullan | 5 December, 2020

"Everyone contributes something and that only emphasises the sense of community we have in our School."

Queen's University Staff Wellbeing Choir practising and laughing in the Harty Room at Queen's
Patrick Brannigan | 9 October, 2020

"It's not the quality of my voice that matters, it's the joy that singing brings."

corner of an open calendar or yearly planner with a gold coloured biro pen sitting at the top
Joyce Johnson | 21 September, 2020

"As Head of Reward and Wellbeing, a key part of my role involves looking ahead and planning the right interventions at the right time."

Photograph of multicoloured jigsaw puzzle pieces on white background
Paula McDaid | 17 August, 2020

"I wanted to let colleagues and families in similar situations know that you are not alone and we are in this together."

empty cinema screen at Queen's Film Theatre, looking from back towards screen
Jonny Murray | 22 June, 2020

"It is ironic that while we are unable to venture into a multiplex, we are currently living through a scenario usually contained to the silver screen."

Sally Bridge and Richard Robinson | 11 May, 2020

"As Co-Chairs of PRISM LGBT+ Staff Network at Queen’s, we have been reflecting on the challenges faced by LGBT people during the COVID-19 pandemic and looking at ways to help."

Bench on a hill under a tree
Professor Mark Lawler | 9 April, 2020

"I’ve learned that humanity cannot be suppressed even by this overwhelming public health crisis."

Clinical Psychology Team
The Clinical Psychology Training team   | 9 April, 2020

"If you are feeling stressed, anxious, scared or even frustrated right now, then you aren’t alone."