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News and Events


Past events organized by Adavnced Imaging_CTU. We invite companies to show us their latest instruments and techniques. 

ARIVIS-Virtual reality image analysis
Virtual reality image analysis

Learn about: image analysis; virtual reality image analysis

Seminar: Dr. Delisa Garcia

Company:ARIVIS- Virtual reality image analysis


Spinning disk microscopy with Olympus
Super resolution

Learn about:  Superresolution microscopy; spinning disk confocal microscopy; fast live imaging acqusition; imaged processing; deconvolution. 

Demo-Workshop:  bring your samples to learn more about the superresolution microscopy

System: Olympus spinning disk confocal IXPLORE SPIN SR

Company: Mason Technology and Olympus

IncuCyte live cell imaging system
IncuCyte seminar

17th May 2019

Learn about: live  cultured cell imaging in the incubator and on fly image analysis


Company: Sartorious

Live animal imaging seminar

Learn about: Optoacoustic imaging 


Company : iThera-medical

Organized in collaboration with : Dr. Wafa Al-Jamal from the School of Pharmacy


Spinning disk microscopy
Superresolution microscopy

8th April 2019-11th April 2019

Learn about: superresolution microscopy; spinning disk confocal; fast live imaging acqusition

Workshop demo: bring your sample to learn how the system works

Speaker: Dr. Katherine  Lewis and Dr. Rowan Orme.


System: Nikon Ti2 CSU-W1 SoRa Spinning Disk  confocal

Company: Nikon Instruments UK

ANDOR Superresolution microscopy
Dragonfly system

16th - 19th October 2018 

Dragonfly system

Seminar and demo workshop 

Learn about: Spinning disk confocal microscopy ; superresolution microscopy; fast live imaging acqausition

Workshop-demo with Dragonfly system:  use the system with real sample to know how the system works.


Speaker: Dr. Andy Hubbard

 System: Dragonfly spinning disk confocal and superresolution

Company: ANDOR 



Airyscan confocal microscopy
Airyscan superresolution microscopy

17th January Zeiss seminar-Airy disk confocal and super resolution microscopy 

22 January-25th January. Workshop and demo with Airy Disk suiper resolution microscopy 

Learn about: Airy disk confocal microscopy; superresolution microiscopy; fast live image acqusition

Speaker-Moderator: Dr. Ben Ridder and Dr. Mark Montgomery

Workshop-demo: bring your samples to learn about the system

Company: Zeiss UK

Automatic biological tissue processing for TEM
Transmission electron microscopy automated tissue processing


Seminar: 29th January 2019

Automated  biological tissue processing for transmission electron microscopy and sample preparations.

Learn about: sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy

Speaker : Gareth Jackson , Nanothechnology Division, Leica Microsystems UK

STED nanoresolution microscopy
ABBERIOR STED microscope

7th November 2017 - 13th December 2017

Learn about: STED -Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy ; Nanoresolution microscopy

Workshop Demo: get trained to use the instrument with your samples

Speaker: Dr. Janina Hanne


Company: Abberior Instruments GmbH


ONI nanoresolution
Nanoresolution microscopy

14-15 August 2017

ONI Nanoimager  Seminar and Workshop organized  in collaboartion with Dr. Gunnar Schroder.


Learn about:  PALM (Photo Activated  Localized Microscopy) , dSTORM (direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) nanoresolution  microscopy. The resolution  of those techniques is 20nm. 

Seminar and Workshop-Demo

Workshop-demo with NANOIMAGER using real samples

Speaker: Dr. Michael Senior

Company: ONI -Oxford Nano Imager

Laser microdissection
Zeiss laser microdissection system

7-11 August 2017

Zeiss PALM  is a Microbeam laser technology for contact-free and uncontaimated  single cells -specimen collection.

Seminar and Demo workshop 

Learn about :  Microbeam laser technology to collect single cell to be used for DNA, RNA analysis


Speaker-Demo: Dr.Monika Stich

Workshop demo: use your sample to learn how the system works.

System: Zeiss PALM MicroBeam

Company: ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe