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News and Events

Events organized by Adavnced Imaging_CTU.  

In situ transmission electron microscopy
Protochips company
Liquid electron microscopy
Workshop handling the Poseidon liquid cell
Airyscan confocal microscopy
Airyscan superresolution microscopy

17th January Zeiss seminar-Airy disk confocal and super resolution microscopy 

22 January-25th January. Workshop and demo with Airy Disk suiper resolution microscopy 

Learn about: Airy disk confocal microscopy; superresolution microiscopy; fast live image acqusition

Speaker-Moderator: Dr. Ben Ridder and Dr. Mark Montgomery

Workshop-demo: bring your samples to learn about the system

Company: Zeiss UK

Virtual symposium
Microscopy Society of Ireland 2021 virtual symposium

Awards for best talk and poster presentaion:



  1. Tamsin O'Reilly, Queen's University Belfast, UK.  Thermally driven domains in BaTiO3: an in-situ study.
  2. Heba Sailem, University of Oxford, UK.   Advanced image analysis for phenotyping vascular networks



  1. Tiarnan Mullarkey, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.  Enabling the Use of Low Flyback Times in the STEM via Fast-scan Flyback Correction
  2. Frances Quigley, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.   Predicting the performance of low voltage imaging of 2D materials
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PALM STORM nano-resolution microscopy

Vutara XXL single molecule localization microscopy

ARIVIS-Virtual reality image analysis
Virtual reality image analysis

Learn about: image analysis; virtual reality image analysis

Seminar: Dr. Delisa Garcia

Company:ARIVIS- Virtual reality image analysis


Spinning disk microscopy with Olympus
Super resolution

Learn about:  Superresolution microscopy; spinning disk confocal microscopy; fast live imaging acqusition; imaged processing; deconvolution. 

Demo-Workshop:  bring your samples to learn more about the superresolution microscopy

System: Olympus spinning disk confocal IXPLORE SPIN SR

Company: Mason Technology and Olympus

IncuCyte live cell imaging system
IncuCyte seminar

17th May 2019

Learn about: live  cultured cell imaging in the incubator and on fly image analysis


Company: Sartorious

Live animal imaging seminar

Learn about: Optoacoustic imaging 


Company : iThera-medical

Organized in collaboration with : Dr. Wafa Al-Jamal from the School of Pharmacy


Spinning disk microscopy
Superresolution microscopy

8th April 2019-11th April 2019

Learn about: superresolution microscopy; spinning disk confocal; fast live imaging acqusition

Workshop demo: bring your sample to learn how the system works

Speaker: Dr. Katherine  Lewis and Dr. Rowan Orme.


System: Nikon Ti2 CSU-W1 SoRa Spinning Disk  confocal

Company: Nikon Instruments UK

ANDOR Superresolution microscopy
Dragonfly system

16th - 19th October 2018 

Dragonfly system

Seminar and demo workshop 

Learn about: Spinning disk confocal microscopy ; superresolution microscopy; fast live imaging acqausition

Workshop-demo with Dragonfly system:  use the system with real sample to know how the system works.


Speaker: Dr. Andy Hubbard

 System: Dragonfly spinning disk confocal and superresolution

Company: ANDOR 



Lattice Lightsheet 7
Lattice Lightsheet is the latest development in microscopy. It allowed volumetric imaging with near isotropic resolution.
Lattice Light sheet microscopy
Automatic biological tissue processing for TEM
Transmission electron microscopy automated tissue processing


Seminar: 29th January 2019

Automated  biological tissue processing for transmission electron microscopy and sample preparations.

Learn about: sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy

Speaker : Gareth Jackson , Nanothechnology Division, Leica Microsystems UK

STED nanoresolution microscopy
ABBERIOR STED microscope

7th November 2017 - 13th December 2017

Learn about: STED -Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy ; Nanoresolution microscopy

Workshop Demo: get trained to use the instrument with your samples

Speaker: Dr. Janina Hanne


Company: Abberior Instruments GmbH


ONI nanoresolution
Nanoresolution microscopy

14-15 August 2017

ONI Nanoimager  Seminar and Workshop organized  in collaboartion with Dr. Gunnar Schroder.


Learn about:  PALM (Photo Activated  Localized Microscopy) , dSTORM (direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) nanoresolution  microscopy. The resolution  of those techniques is 20nm. 

Seminar and Workshop-Demo

Workshop-demo with NANOIMAGER using real samples

Speaker: Dr. Michael Senior

Company: ONI -Oxford Nano Imager

Laser microdissection
Zeiss laser microdissection system

7-11 August 2017

Zeiss PALM  is a Microbeam laser technology for contact-free and uncontaimated  single cells -specimen collection.

Seminar and Demo workshop 

Learn about :  Microbeam laser technology to collect single cell to be used for DNA, RNA analysis


Speaker-Demo: Dr.Monika Stich

Workshop demo: use your sample to learn how the system works.

System: Zeiss PALM MicroBeam

Company: ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe