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Advanced Imaging Core Technology Unit provides training to researchers and students on equipment use and, advanced training on methods like FLIM, FRAP, FRET , TIRF and also on image analysis and 3D visualization. We also offer courses in the areas of basic microscopy and advanced techniques (spectral imaging, FLIM, multi-photon and STED).

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Student using Advanced Imaging microscope
Microscopy seminars

Location and time:  WWIEM-Basement Seminar Room -10am-11am 

Lecturer: Dr. Ileana Micu

  • Microscopy basics 
  • Fluorescence      
  • Confocal microscopy                
  • Advanced optical microscopy techniques   
  • Electron microscopy 

Location and time:  WWIEM-Basement Seminar Room -10am-11am 

Lecturer : Dr. Ileana Micu

  • Microscopy basics (Thursday 20th February 2020)        

                -Light, wavelength, resolution

                -Component of a microscope


                -Bright field microscopy, phase contrast, DIC


                -Image formation in microscopy and image analysis

  • Fluorescence (Thursday 27th February 2020)   

                 -Fluorescence and Jablonski diagram

                 -Light sources, filters, dichroic

                 -Dyes for fluorescence microscopy

                 -Wide field fluorescence microscopy

                 -Calcium imaging

  • Confocal microscopy (Friday  6th March 2020)            

                 -Confocal laser scanning microscopy concept

                  -Detectors (PMT, Hybrid detectors)

                  -Photo bleaching, photo destruction

                  -Spectral imaging; FRET, FRAP

                  -3D imaging

  •     Advanced optical microscopy techniques (to be resckedule)

                  -Two-photon excitation microscopy

                  - Second harmonic generation (SHG)

                  -Coherent Anti-Stokes RAMAN Microscopy (C.A.R.S.)

                  -Super-resolution microscopy (TIRF, SIM, STED, STORM)

                  -Light sheet microscopy

  • Electron microscopy (to be announced)

               -Transmission electron microscopy

               -Sample preparation


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