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If you are interested in studying gene expression, genetics or high throughput screening, then the Genomics CTU can help you by providing access to a range of innovative molecular biology technologies in a quality-controlled environment.

We offer a wide range of services, from sample QC through to comprehensive NGS pipelines. Our automated ultra-low volume liquid handling equipment is amenable to high throughput screening, NGS, and qPCR applications. We also have single-cell sequencing capabilities.

All our services are performed within defined Pre and Post-PCR quality controlled GLP laboratories with fully validated and controlled Standard Operating Procedures

Sample QC and Fragment Analysis

We have offer a wide range of kits for bespoke analysis of your sample.

We can offer an in house service where you can drop your samples off for analysis or we can train you to competency so you can perform analysis yourself.

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RNA- and DNA-Seq library preparation

We are experienced in a wide range of library production techniques allowing you access to the most up to date methods in your field.

  • Resequencing and De novo Sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • Exome or Targeted Sequencing to analyse protein-coding regions of the genome
  • ChiP Seq ( library prep only)
  • Methylome sequencing to understand how modification can affect gene regulation
  • Targeted Sequencing to produce in-depth views of genetic variation for phylogenetic studies (16S rRNA, 18S rRNA, ITS etc)
  • Whole Transcriptome Analysis to gain a comprehensive view of total RNA and non-coding RNA (RNA-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, Stranded RNA-Seq)
  • Single cell sequencing

We are able to offer a range of standard library preparation, but are also willing to help you create your own. Whether you require help troubleshooting, tips on best practice, we are prepared to help.

Library preparations offered in house. Click here for more information

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Single Cell Genomics

Single cell genomics is the cutting edge of genomics capabilities. We can support you through the entire process, from initial project scoping and design, platform selection, sample preparation and processing.

With access to the Genomics 10X Chromium Controller and the Fluidigm C1 single-cell auto-prep system individual cells can be isolated with precision and libraries amplified for sequencing. 

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Next-Generation sequencing

The Genomics CTU have 2 Illumina next generation sequencers; MiSeq personal sequencer and one NextSeq 500. 

The MiSeq is an integrated bench top sequencer. It features significantly faster cycle times allowing small projects to be completed quickly at a lower cost.

The‌ MiSeq delivers high precision variant detection and is suitable for small-scale projects such as amplicon or small genome sequencing. ‌It typically sequences more than 20 million inserts per lane from a sequencing run.

The NextSeq 550 allows researchers to perform many combinations of high- and mid-throughput sequencing applications. Researchers can carry out applications such as whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, mRNA-Seq, and methylation sequencing, among others. It typically sequences more than 400 million inserts per lane from a sequencing run. Click here for further information.

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Sanger Sequencing

The GCTU operates an ABI3730 capillary sequencing instrument, and offer a range of sequencing services. These include;


Researchers can deliver samples that have already been sequenced with BigDye reagents. We can perform clean-up and capillary analysis on the ABI3730, or the researcher can deliver clean DNA and sequencing primer. We will perform the BigDye sequencing, clean-up and capillary analysis on the ABI3730.

Genotyping with microsatellites

We also provide a range of fragment analysis options to customers and are happy to assist customers with their data analysis needs as well. Fragment Analysis is a type of genetic marker analysis, is a technique that facilitates identifying the presence or absence of a DNA sequence that is linked to an allele of interest. It does not provide the sequence information of a particular gene; instead changes in the length of specific DNA sequences provide key information to distinguish changes in markers.

We can analyse your PCR-amplified microsatellite or AFLP samples on the ABI3730 instrument. We can either return the data to you, or assist by giving you access to GeneMapper tools. 

Genomics CTU also offer STR profiling of cell lines

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The main objective is to establish a GCTU reputed for technical advice and support for researchers around NGS capabilities.

The GCTU strives to support research groups by delivering advice, and training for as many internal research grant applications considering NGS workflows. 

The GCTU manager along with the academic leads have years of experience in arranging collaborations and coordinating NGS research. From this an Expert Users Working Group (EUWG) has been created and convenes to cement provisions for development and for supplying experimental design and collaborations, as well as supporting grant writing, aiding the principal researcher with hypothesis.

Inline with this the GCTU offers training for students who wish to develop their NGS knowledge and skill set. Researchers will be trained to competency standards adhered to within the GCTU and will offer the opportunity for those trained to be embedded within the GCTU.

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