If you are interested in studying gene expression, genetics or high throughput screening, then the Genomics CTU can help you by providing access to a range of innovative molecular biology technologies in a quality-controlled environment. We offer a wide range of services, from sample QC through to comprehensive NGS pipelines. Our automated ultra-low volume liquid handling equipment is amenable to high throughput screening, NGS, and qPCR applications. We also have single-cell sequencing capabilities. All our services are performed within defined Pre and Post-PCR quality controlled GLP laboratories with fully validated and controlled Standard Operating Procedures


Currently supported services:

  • Sample QC and Fragment Analysis (e.g. DNA/RNA samples and NGS libraries)
  • Range of RNA- and DNA-Seq library preparation workflows
  • Range of capture based approaches Exome, Custom and Methylation
  • Next-Generation sequencing (Nextseq 500, MiSeq)
  • Sanger Sequencing


Key equipment and examples of applications:

Diagenode IP-star liquid handler

  • Range of epigenomic approaches (e.g. ChIP and ChIP-seq)

Beckman-Coulter FXP/NXP liquid handlers

  • NGS workflow automation

Labcyte ECHO 525 acoustic liquid handler

  • High throughput Nextera library prep
  • High-throughput miniaturised qRT-PCR setup
  • siRNA screen plating and assay miniaturisation

Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyser

  • Fragment analysis (e.g. NGS libraries, CRISPR clone screening)

Fludigm C1

  • Single cell sequencing

Bio-Rad QX200

  • Digital droplet PCR