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The directors of i-AMS

Two leaders with a broad range of expertise and deep knowledge in the science and technology that will transform industry.

Professor Seán McLoone, Director of i-AMS

Research interests are in the general area of intelligent systems with a particular focus on data based modelling and analysis of dynamical systems, which encompasses techniques ranging from classical system identification, fault diagnosis and statistical process control to modern artificial intelligence... more >

Professor Adrian Murphy, Deputy Director of i-AMS

Research interests focus on predictive modelling, in particular developing methods to understand the influence of processes on product in-service performance and cost, with research in the structural and economic performance of laser beam and friction stir welding...more >

The Current Team

School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Find out about the School> EEECS

Academic staff

  • Prof. Karen Rafferty‎, Head of School.
  • Prof. Seán McLoone
  • Dr. Nikolaos Athanasopoulos‎
  • Dr. John Bustard‎
  • Dr. Stuart Ferguson‎
  • Dr. Xueqin (Amy) Liu‎
  • Dr. Wasif Naeem‎
  • Dr. Vien Ngo‎
  • Dr. Jerry Shen
  • Dr. Mien Van

Research staff

Research Assistant
  • Dr. Zara Gibson
PhD Students
  • Mr. Che Cameron
  • Mr. James Rainey
  • Mr. Santosh Salunkhe
  • Mr Tom Simpson
  • Mr. Shane Trimble
  • Mr. Federico Zocco
  • Daniel Brice
  • John McLoughlin


  • Tiffany Forde

School of Mathematics and Physics

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Academic staff

  • Dr. Adele Marshall
  • Dr. Hannah Mitchell

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Find out about the School> Mechanical and Aerospace

Academic staff

  • Prof. Adrian Murphy
  • Prof. Paul Maropoulos
  • Dr. Amar Kumar Behera‎
  • Dr. Joseph Butterfield‎
  • Dr. Peter Martin
  • Dr. Beatrice Smyth‎
  • Dr. Danielle Soban‎
  • Dr. Yan Jin‎

Research staff

Research Fellow
  • Rao Ful
PhD Students
  • Jonathan Adams
  • Shuang Li
  • Vincent McKenna
  • Lauren McGarry

School of Psychology

Find out about the School> Psychology

Academic staff

  • Dr. Joost Dessing‎
  • Dr. Mihalis Doumas‎
  • Dr. Gary McKeown
  • Dr. Matthew Rodger

Polymer Processing Research Centre

Find out about the Centre> PPRC

Research staff

  • Mark Kearns

Northern Ireland Technology Centre

Find out about the Centre> NITC

Research staff

  • Colm Higgins
  • Andrew Schofield