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If I Were a Dad

What is 'If I Were a Dad'?

If I Were a Dad is the first relationship and sexuality education programme developed by young men in custody, for young men in custody addressing topics in a way that is appealing and acceptable for the group.

The aim of If I Were a Dad is to employ a supportive, interactive, fun and flexible approach to discuss a range of topics relevant to relationships and parenting with young men in custody. We use reflective and discursive techniques with young men to explore issues that affect their lives and may pose a critical threat to their well-being and that of their partners and children. The programme is designed to challenge and inform their knowledge and attitudes around relationships and future fatherhood and encourage attitude and behaviour change towards positive, consensual and healthy sex, relationships and parenting.

Why is this important?

Relationships are key to rehabilitation. Young men in prison and their families are at risk of poorer health outcomes and greater disadvantage. This programme is a unique early intervention to prepare young men for healthy relationships and future fatherhood. The interventions is informed by 3 core theories; a Gender Transformative approach, Rights-Based approach, and Behaviour Change theory.

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Aims of the Programme

The aim of the programme is to: a) Explore, challenge and build young men’s knowledge, attitudes and self-esteem around relationships and future fatherhood. b) Encourage attitude and behaviour change towards positive and healthy sex, relationships and parenting. c) Enable young men to gain a better understanding of how their life choices impact on their wellbeing and that of their future partners and children.

Meet the Team
If I Were a Dad Team