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“6 Nations” Relationship and Sexuality Symposium

"The aim of the symposium is to create a collegiate learning network between senior RSE policy makers here in the room today but also a resource for you in the future. There is no one recipe that works for all countries at all times, but we can still share and adapt”
Professor Maria Lohan, Queen’s University Belfast.

This event arose because the Ministry for Health in Uruguay sent a senior delegation to the UK, and specifically to Queen’s University Belfast, to learn more about Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) and to disseminate their successful national reproductive and sexual health strategy.

Queen’s brought together senior policy makers from Departments of Education and Health and significant non-governmental organisations from the 5 nations of the UK and Ireland– a stakeholder group generated though the Jack Trial -– [1]together with the Uruguay delegation and representatives of the World Health Organization and Rutgers International  to form the '6 Nations RSE Symposium'.

The event captured the enthusiasm of senior policy makers to learn from each other about how to increase capacity to support implementation of comprehensive RSE.

To see presentations from each of the nations’ policy makers answering these questions:

  1. What is the current state of play of Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) in your Nation?
  2. What have been the key changes in the past 10 years that have led to the current state of RSE and what have been the key challenges?
  3. What are the links between RSE & Health Services
  4. How do you see RSE progressing in the next 5 years?


RSE resources and RSE papers shared can be accessed here.