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Jack Trial Steering Committee Meet

The Trial Steering Committee's has met for the first time in March 2017.

Steering Jack

Pictured L-R: Dylan O'Neill (Parent), Grace McCarthy (Teacher), Prof Maria Lohan (Chief Investigator QUB), Maire Thompson (Principal), Prof Vivien Coates (Chair), Darrin Barr (Principal), Dr Sarah Miller (QUB), Dr Aine Aventin (Project Manager QUB), Iman Zatari (Pupil), Cliona McDowell (NICTU), Dr Rhonda Curran (Trail Manager QUB), Sorcha Toase (NICTU)


• To provide advice, through the Chair of the steering committee, to the Chief Investigator, the Project Sponsor, the Project Funder on all appropriate aspects of the project

• To agree proposals for substantial amendments to the project protocol

• To concentrate on the progress of the project, adherence to the project protocol; participant safety (the rights, safety and well-being of the study participants are the most important considerations and should prevail over the interests of science and society)

• To ensure appropriate ethical and other approvals are obtained.

Full membership of the committee (March 2017)

Prof Vivien Coates, Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor of Clinical & Nursing Practice Research, UU - Independent Chair

Darrin Barr, School Principal - Public Member

Ms Maire Thompson, School Principal - Public Member

Mrs Grace McCarthy, Teacher - Public Member

Ms Dylan O'Neill - Parent Public Member

Miss Iman Zatari - Pupil Public Member

Luke Monaghan - Pupil Public Member

Ms Alison Hadley, Director Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange, University of Bedfordshire - Independent Member (expert in teenage pregnancy)

Dr Cary Roseth, Associate Professor, College of Education, Michigan State University - Independent Member (expert in trials methodology)

Dr Michele McKinley, Reader in Nutrition and Public Health, QUB - Member (expert in RCTs)

Dr Sarah Miller, Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, QUB - Member (expert in school-based RCTs)

Professor Mara Lohan, JACK Trial Chief Investigator - Member

Dr Aine Aventin, JACK Trial Project Manager - Observer

Dr Rhonda Curran, JACK Trial Trial Manager - Observer

Ms Cliona McDowell, JACK Trial Statistician (NICTU) - Observer


There will be a total of 8 meetings held at Queen’s University Belfast between January 2017and October 2020. Each meeting will last 1-2 hours in duration and will be held at times outside school hours in order to facilitate the involvement of pupils, teachers and school principals.



Dr Aine Aventin -