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Jack Trial Steering Committee Meeting 3

The third meeting of the Jack Trial Steering committee took place at QUB in May 2019

Back row L-R: Miss Iman Zatari, Ms Grace McCarthy; Prof. Maria Lohan; Dr Darrin Barr; Dr Theresa McShane Front row L-R: Prof Michelle McKinley (Acting Chair); Dr Aisling Gough; Mr Kian Wilson

This meeting reviewed the progress of the Jack Trial thus far, and activities of the core team members.

The team also discussed finalising the resources and the potential for future implimentation of If I Were Jack further afield.



Dr Michelle McKinley (Acting Chair); Prof. Maria Lohan; Ms Grace McCarthy; Dr Darrin Barr; Dr Cary Roseth (by zoom); Dr Aíne Aventin (by zoom) Miss Iman Zatari; Dr Sarah Millar; Mr Kian Wilson; Dr Theresa McShane; Dr Aisling Gough