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Pre-Semester Engagement Programme

Get Ready for January 2022

The Pre-Semester Engagement Programme is designed for all new and returning students at Queen’s. It is designed to make your journey through student life fun and enjoyable, irrespective of what stage you are at.

We have an exciting programme of events, initiatives, and resources planned for you, which will help you to get the most out of the 2022!

The following page sets out the information under the following headings: (Click on the below links to take you directly to this section)

Central Events Programme 

Central Events Programme

Our packed Pre-Semester Engagement Programme is aimed at both new and returning students.

Check out our University Pre-Semester Engagement Programme, which is packed with face-to-face and virtual events and activities to connect you with campus and student life! The team over at the Student Wellbeing Service will be putting on a number of events to support you to make new connections and find out all that Belfast has to offer.
The Pre-Semester Engagement Programme for January 2022 will take place from Monday 10 January.
Stay tuned! The programme of events will be launched mid-December 2021.
Graduate School spiral staircase
Postgraduate Student?

The Graduate School look forward to welcoming you

Click below to find the programme of events for Pre-Semester Programme and Postgraduate Welcome.


Living & Community Building 

Learning & Studying