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Find your new home in our university accommodation. We have options for you to live in a village type setting close to campus or in the city centre and affordable rooms to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Live in a safe and vibrant student environment

Moving to University is an exciting adventure.  Queen’s University  campus is just a 15 min walk from Belfast’s vibrant City Centre, with bustling restaurants/cafes, bars and cultural sites all located close to campus.  Queen’s Accommodation have over 3,500 rooms with a further 700 bedrooms with a nominated accommodation partner in Belfast City Centre.  Our safe, high quality accommodation, with wrap around residential support is guaranteed for all first year students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) coming from outside of Northern Ireland (conditions apply).  The accommodation allocation policy can be found here.

Welcome events take place across all our accommodation when students arrive and this provides a great opportunity to meet other students and start to build new friendships.  The support of our Residential Life Team will ensure your stay with us is an enjoyable , fun and memorable experience.

Prices start from £85 per week – more information on room types and prices can be found on our website

Queen's Accommodation

Important / Key Dates 2023-24

Accommodation portfolio and prices published on website Jan 2024
Online Application opens Feb 2024
International/GB/ROI students to be guaranteed accommodation
Application to be submitted by 30 Jun 2024
A-Level Results Day 15 Aug 2024
Allocations commence 15 Aug 2024
Erasmus and Study Abroad students to be guaranteed accommodation
Sept 2024 Arrival, applications submitted by 1 Aug 2024
Jan 2024 Arrival, applications submitted by 30 Nov 2023

40, 44 and 48-week contract start date

51-week contract start date TBC

Accommodation for students with families 

The University has a limited number of self-contained flats for students with partners and families and demand for these can be high, especially at the start of term.

Please contact us as soon as you accept a course at Queen's and have an approximate arrival date to Belfast; we can then discuss your requirements for accommodation to establish if we have availability to match these.

If we do not have suitable accommodation available, we will support you in finding alternative accommodation in the private rental sector close to the University. 

We strongly advise that you do not bring your family to Northern Ireland until you have found accommodation for them. There is currently a very high demand for suitable family accommodation in Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular. This demand has caused significant delays in international students securing appropriate term-time housing for their families and an increase in monthly rental rates. 

More information for students with families  

Details on the accommodation allocation policy can be found here. 

Please note that all relevant information regarding personal circumstances including details of family/group members (including the number of adults and children) must be provided on the online accommodation application form. 

2-bedroom apartments start from £145 per week.

More information  about accommodation for Students with Families

Private Sector Accommodation

A number of students, especially those with families, prefer to live in private rented accommodation close to the University. Please note that this can take time to arrange and it may be difficult to find a suitable place directly from overseas. Landlords often require references and a substantial deposit. You can view further information on renting private accommodation, including links to important advice on how to secure private accommodation by our international students.

Housing Hand - Guarantor Service

UK, EU and International students alike have found providing a qualifying UK guarantor a hurdle when renting in the private sector. Housing Hand has partnered with Queen's University Belfast to alleviate this issue for students.

Housing Hand stands as the guarantor for the students, who are unable to provide one. You can use Housing Hand to help you with both Queen's Accommodation and privately rented accommodation.

Find out more and sign up

Accommodation Advice – SU Advice

If you require advice regarding private accommodation, please contact our SU Advice team here: Accommodation | QSU (