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How I Enhanced My CV Through QWork

Looking to earn some money and build your CV while studying at Queen's? Undergraduate student Sarah recommends using QWork to find a wide range of roles on a part-time and casual basis.

Student on laptop in One Elmwood building

There are many great reasons to get a part-time job while in university, the obvious one being earning extra pocket money. Being a student now is more financially demanding than ever with the continuous rise in the cost of living. A part-time job can also enhance your CV and offer an abundance of life skills.

When I moved to Belfast for university, I knew I wanted a part-time job. I had been used to having an income from various part-time jobs and I realised I didn’t want this to end. I searched various websites like Indeed for a job, which offered jobs that curtailed long shifts or a far travelling distance, but these did not seem to suit me as a student in a new city. After searching for a few weeks, I came across the QWork website.

A student friendly platform

At first glance, QWork seemed extremely student friendly. I immediately set up a profile and had a look at the jobs available. I was quite impressed, the jobs seemed very interesting and I knew they would provide me with some amazing experience for my CV. QWork also offers extremely reasonable pay and holiday pay too, which was very appealing. In previous part time jobs, I didn’t even receive holiday pay, so I was pleasantly surprised by this.

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My first year with QWork

During my first year in Queen’s, I have worked three different jobs through QWork - some jobs only lasted a few days, others, a whole semester. I worked for two semesters in the Students' Union Shop (Spar), one month as a student fundraiser, and I helped out with two open days and a careers fair. Overall, these jobs really enhanced my communication skills and confidence.

I really enjoyed working in the Union Shop, and I met so many new people through this job. I had previous shop experience, so I had an idea of the duties I would be carrying out. I worked for four hours every week and mainly stocked the shelves, but there was also the option to pick up cover most weeks. It is situated right in the middle of the Students’ Union, and it is always busy, so it was a great outlet for social interactions as well!

Union shop inside the One Elmwood building

Queen's recommends that students work no more than 15 hours a week

The job as a fundraiser taught me invaluable skills that I will use in future jobs.  We had to call previous students from the call centre in the main Lanyon Building, chat about their time in the University and ask them to donate to the Queen’s Annual Fund - an amazing fund that helps out many worthy causes in the University such as funding for the many clubs and societies, volunteering work, and helping students during the cost of living crisis. Even though I was just a first-year student, it was fulfilling to be able to help give back to Queen’s, while improving my confidence and communication skills and getting paid while doing so!

My favourite job was helping at Careers Fairs

My job helping at Career Fairs was my favourite. It was probably the most laid back, but I also learned many things that I would not do every day! It was a good way for me to get to know my way around the University, and I really enjoyed interacting with all the students and helping them with any queries they had. Students were also provided with free lunch during the day.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building

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Overall, I couldn’t recommend QWork enough. I have met many new people while working, which has really helped me settle into my new life in Belfast and broaden my horizons. It has also provided me with lifelong skills that I will carry with me and use in my future career.

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Sarah Geraghty

Human Biology | Undergraduate Student | Galway, Ireland

My name is Sarah Geraghty! I am a second year Human Biology student from Galway. I'm 21 and I feel like I have a lot to offer in the line of advice because I realise that a lot of people have a hard time settling in and making friends in university and that the expectations of “university life” don't always meet reality for many students.

I am in the Biomedical Science society, and I really enjoy it. 

Sarah Gerarty