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Supporting Student Progression and Retention

Why this is important

Despite a high quality student intake, the University’s retention rates continue to give cause for concern.  This not only has serious implications for the institution in terms of income and reputation, but the emotional and financial cost to students, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, is huge.  At an institutional level, research evidence indicates that there is no single solution  (Jones, 2008, Yorke and Longden, 2008) – interventions and approaches therefore need to be co-ordinated.


Based on the HEFCE student lifecycle model, these pages offer some approaches that may be considered and provide links to relevant research articles and examples of good practice within Queen’s and in other universities.

Using institutional and subject-specific data, Schools should try to identify the reasons for poor retention and if these are related to the University experience, take appropriate action at the earliest possible opportunity. 


Centre for Educational Development: