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Digital Object Identifier Policy


This is a policy for registration of DOIs via DataCite.


 A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. It is simply a persistent link to a digital object. That object can be physical, digital, or abstract. DOIs resolve a common problem – keeping track of things. These things can be matter, material, content, or activities. This is important since URLs break whereas DOIs are intended to be permanent, persistent, and stable.

Queen’s University of Belfast holds a licence to assign DOIs to selected outputs ("Datasets") deposited into the University’s repository "Pure". All DOIs assigned by the University need to be registered, and be compliant with the requirements of the DataCite organisation.

By assigning a DOI to the dataset, this gives it a persistent link and can make it easier to cite.

It will meet funder requirements regarding data sharing. It also will meet publisher requirements.

Which types of Research Outputs can get a DOI?

 The University will assign DOIs with the numerical prefix (10.17034/) to selected Outputs, mainly Datasets in the Dataset module of PURE. This is owing to how the automation of DOIs are enabled in the dataset module of PURE (Repository) only.

When is a DOI not assigned?

 This service is not suitable when:

  • The data is held by another institution
  • The availability of the data is always intended to be highly restricted
  • A DOI has already been created for that data (by another University, repository, publisher, or a Data Centre, for example)
  • The data linked to by a DOI will change significantly. A new DOI should be created for each new major version or update
  • There are unresolved legal, ethical, or contractual issues (at the time of registration).

Modifications to Outputs

 Once a DOI has been assigned, modifications to Outputs (Datasets) are normally not accepted and any modifications to the Output (Dataset) will result in a new version of record with a new DOI.

Once the necessary metadata has been created and the recommended format of file uploaded to the record, the DOI will be assigned by the Research Data Librarian. Metadata must conform to Dublin CORE and embrace FAIR principles.

Eligibility Criteria for DOI

 We only issue DOIs to datasets that meet our eligibility criteria as outlined below:

  1. The dataset embraces FAIR principles
  2. There is high quality metadata in the dataset record
  3. The file formats are open
  4. The documentation for the dataset is of a sufficient quality too. This will include a readme file as a basic minimum standard.

Guidance for sharing your dataset in Pure can be found here. It is also advised to share data in the most appropriate discipline-specific repository. Funder requirements regarding location of data sharing may be relevant here.

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs)

 DOIs are persistent identifiers or PIDs. A PID can be applied to:

  • People (e.g. ORCiD iD – recommended for researchers)
  • Objects (e.g. DOI – recommended for published output and datasets)
  • Projects and organisations (e.g. RAID, ROAR)

Related Policies

 This policy should be read in conjunction with:

Policy History

Policy Name: DOI Policy

Endorsed by: Research and Innovation Committee

Policy effective date: 1 March 2024

Policy owner: Library Services

Policy version: 1.0

Date of next review: 1 March 2025