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Undergraduate Of The Year Awards Celebrates Neurodiverse Talent

Targetjobs and Roll-Royce’s hunt for inspiring neurominority students at Queen’s

students standing at a table working on a project

Targetjobs and Rolls-Royce are searching UK universities, including Queen’s, to discover an inspiring neurominority Undergraduate of the Year 2022. The award organisers are looking for students who brings different perspectives, creative problem-solving skills and unique strengths to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

A spokesperson for Rolls-Royce, the award sponsor, said: “People at Rolls-Royce know that diverse perspectives and experiences make for better ideas and solutions. They’ve seen how their neurodivergent people help them innovate through different ways of thinking, working, evaluating and communicating.”

The award is open to first and second year students on three-year courses and first, second and third year students on a four-year course with a neurodivergent condition, such as autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD or ADHD, or Tourette syndrome.

Prizes include a ten-week, paid summer internship starting in June/July 2022, an Apple watch and Rolls-Royce-branded gifts. The winner will also spend a working day shadowing a Rolls-Royce leader – a fantastic opportunity to discover how decisions are made and to build your network.

The Rolls-Royce spokesperson said: “There are undoubted benefits for us in attracting and retaining a more neurodiverse workforce and supporting neurodivergent people as change agents, thought disrupters and innovators. After all, we already know that neurodivergent individuals often have particular success in STEM careers – Elon Musk, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates among them. Many traits associated with some neurodivergent conditions would be a particularly good fit within the Innovation Hub and R2 Data Labs [at Roll-Royce] and we look forward to supporting you to make the most of your talents.”

To enter, students must register their details online and answer three questions set by Rolls-Royce by 31 January 2022.

The spokesperson added: “Rolls-Royce is truly interested in what you can bring as yourself. So, tell us what makes you ‘you’. We’ll be looking for a creative problem solver who has got where they are today through determination, resilience, independent and innovative thinking and, potentially, lots of other skills.

Successful applicants will continue to the next round consisting of a personality questionnaire. The final rounds will consist of an assessment centre and virtual interview with Roll-Royce.

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