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Official Transcripts
  • What is a transcript?

    A transcript is a confirmation of your academic history and will list academic modules and results obtained during your studies.

  • What is the difference between an Official and Unofficial Transcript?

    An unofficial transcript can be obtained from Qsis > Academic Record > View Unofficial Transcript. This can be kept for personal records.

    If you are a current/previous student of the University making an application to Queen's Admissions for further studies, your unofficial transcript will be sufficient for applications. 

    If you are making an application to external organisations/Institutions, they may request an official transcript from the University.

  • Where can I get a copy of my Unofficial Transcript?

    If you are a current student and still have access to Qsis, you can obtain a PDF from Qsis > Academic Record > View Unofficial Transcript

    If you have already graduated and no longer have access to Qsis, you can email with your details for a copy.

  • How can I place an order for an Official Transcript?

    LAST UPDATED - October 2022

    We continue to issue transcripts by email directly to the organisation requiring the verification. Please follow the following steps in order for us to process your request as timely as possible.

    1. Make an order here -

    2. Email us at with the following information:

    • Your student number and full name;
    • Your order number;
    • An official company/institution email address requiring the verification.

    The transcript will be emailed directly to the company/institution.

  • How long will this service take?

    Requests for Academic Transcripts are normally processed within ten working days, however at certain peak times of the year, due to a significant increase in orders, such as the graduation months during Summer and Winter, this will increase to approx. 3-4 weeks.

    Please ensure that you have followed up your order with details outlined in "How can I place an order for an Official Transcript".

  • Are there any other ways to prove my course status with the University?

    If you require us to confirm your degree or status at the University with another organisation/Institution, please provide us with their email address and we will be more than happy to send email verification.

    If they require something more official and you require a confirmation letter, you can request this here.

  • Students affected by the Marking and Assessment Boycott

    Between 3rd and 9th July 2023, Queen’s Registry Services will start to issue your official transcript with a supporting letter to your Queen’s email address; you do not need to apply for one.  If you have already requested a transcript through the normal process and paid the fee this will be reimbursed to you. 

    The documents will confirm that you have successfully graduated from the University and explain why your transcript is currently incomplete.  This is very much an interim measure to help you progress job or further study applications. Once the marking and assessment boycott is over and we can confirm your marks, you will be issued with your final degree certificate.