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Correcting your name

  • Current Students

    If you are currently a student at the University:  you will need to email us a photo/scan of your photographic ID and marriage license/deed poll/other name change document to 

    Email your request, including an attachment showing your correct name on a form of ID e.g. a scan or photograph of your passport.

    Registry staff will assess your documentation and update your records. You may be required to present the documents in person, upon request.

    You will be provided with an updated student card. This is free of charge. This will be collected from the Student Information Point (level 1) in One Elmwood.

    *Exceptions may be made under the Name and Gender process below where documentation may not be required.

  • Graduates

    If you have graduated from the University and require a replacement parchment: You will need to email a photo/scan of your photographic ID, valid during your time of study, and your degree parchment to for assessment. You may be required to present the documents in person, upon request.

    If accepted, you will be instructed to place your order for the new parchment and for an administrative name change fee. This will incur a charge of £50 per qualification.

    Your name will then be corrected and the new parchment(s) issued to you. 

    Please note that if you have changed your name legally after graduating from the University, we will not update this on our records as the degree was issued in the correct name at that time, and therefore, we cannot provide you with a new parchment (and/or transcript) reflecting your new legal name. Exceptions can be made for graduates who have transitioned, upon production of a deed poll or other form of documentation - please email if this applies to you, for further information.

  • Name and Gender Records for Transitioning Students
    • There are 2 fields in Qsis for names – Preferred Name and Full Name. Anyone can request a preferred name update for any reason.
    • For students who wish to change their full recorded name alongside an update in their recorded gender we can do this without legal documentation, in line with the university’s commitment to the Trans Equality Policy.
    • In this circumstance, we advise that the Full Name is used on your graduation parchment, transcripts, and any other University documents, so that you can account for any discrepancies that may arise from that, e.g. if the University provides employer references which do not yet match your legal ID.
    • We can reissue a new student card in either case of a preferred name or full name update.

    The general areas of difference in the 2 name fields are:

    • Preferred Name: Displays in Canvas areas where you are collaborating (e.g.) Discussions, Messages and Comments. Displays in Email address.
    • Full Name: Displays in some areas in Canvas and Qsis. (e.g.) Gradebook, Chat, EPortfolio, Official Transcript, Class Lists, and integrated applications such as Office365, Teams, or Turnitin UK. Email address can be updated alongside the display name.

    To request an update:

    Please email to 

    Confirm the following information:

    Full Name to be amended on record: Yes/No?

    If Yes, Full Name:

    Preferred Name:

    Title (if being updated): Ms / Miss / Mrs / Mr / Mx / Dr (etc.)

    Gender (if being updated): Male / Female / Non-Binary / Other