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When and how to refer

While there are a number of specific services which provide support to students it is recognised that any member of staff may become concerned about an individual student, and individual students may approach any member of staff about concerns they may have. In such situations the Student Wellbeing Service can provide advice, information and guidance to staff. We understand that this can be a worrying situation for staff who are keen to make sure the student gets the support they need. This section is to help staff access the advice and information they need when they have concerns about a student or a student turns to them for support.

In addition to the information provided here the Student Wellbeing Service offers a consultancy service, staff can contact us to discuss individual situations. Sometimes staff have the necessary information to be able to support the student and just need to be reassured that they have covered everything. In other situations, the level of need is greater. Depending on the relationship the member of staff has with the student it may make sense for them to continue to support the student directly while being advised by the Student Wellbeing Service, or it may be more appropriate to refer the student to the Student Wellbeing Service. Each situation will be considered individually and a plan of action will be agreed which the member of staff is comfortable with and which will best meet the student’s needs at that time.

Please complete our online form if you are concerned for a student. If its an emergency situation during office hours please call us directly on x2893

The Drop-In service is available to students Monday - Friday during term-time 11.00am - 3.00pm at the Student Information Point in One Elmwood. The student doesn’t need to be referred to this service and just needs to go to the Information Desk at Level 1 and ask for the Drop-In service. Staff can recommend this to students at any time.