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It can be a difficult process coming to terms with your sexuality

Your sexuality is the way you describe sexual, emotional and physical feelings you have towards another person. It is important to remember that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ sexuality. It is simply about how you personally identify and experience attraction and discovering your sexuality can be a difficult process. Experiences you have because of your sexuality may impact your mental health. According to the NUS LGBTQ+ report, 42% of LGBTQ+ students reported having experienced depression or anxiety. You may be struggling to come to terms with your sexuality, may have experienced homophobia, been treated differently or badly because of your sexuality. Actions of others may have negatively impacted you, or you might be worried about telling friends or family and whether they will still support you. Whatever the reason, having a conversation can be incredibly powerful and we can help support you.

Sexuality & Mental Health

Resources and Support

Join the QUB LGBTQ+ Allies Scheme Network

Visit Student Minds LGBTQ+ Resource

Visit LGBT Ireland who describe coming out as having three stages - Discovery; Acceptance; Integration 

If you have experienced any bullying, harassment, or hate crime due to your sexuality then you can get support from our Report and Support team at QUB  

Find out what Student Wellbeing support is available for LGBTQ+ Students