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Visiting Researcher Nomination

The Institite of Irish Studies is happy to nominate for Visiting Researcher status at QUB any scholar intending to visit Queen's for a period of time to engage in research collaboration with any Associate Fellow in Irish Studies.

There is no stipend or allowance associated with Visiting Researcher status at QUB, bur where appropriate and possible, Irish Studies will seek to find workspace for the period of the visit in the Irish Studies building. Visiting Research status grants access to the the University Library and IT resources, a temporary QUB email account, as well as an invitation to participate in Irish Studies and other research seminars in the university.

Visiting Research status is usualy granted for a period up to one year, but can be renewed if the research collaboration extends beyond one year.

There are three grades of Visiting Researcher:

  1. Visiting Research Professor - for those who have a professorial standing in terms of research experience.
  2. Visiting Research Fellow - for those who hold a doctorate or equivalent qualification or who have more than five years’ research experience.
  3. Visiting Research Associate - for those who do not hold a doctorate or who have less than five years’ research experience.

The University's guide to Visiting Research titles and a link to the nomination form (under 'Procedures') can be found here:

Researchers who would like to be nominated through Irish Studies should contact the Director at