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Spring 2019 Seminars

Listen Again to Dr Marie Coleman:

‘Gender and compensation after the Irish Revolution’

(28 Jan. 2019)

Listen again to Dr Sarah Jankowitz:

'Contested victimhood and the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland’

(4 Feb. 2019)

Listen again to our New Books Session (Dr Tim Watt and Dr Chris Loughlin)

(11 Feb. 2019)

Listen again to Dr Heather Laird:

'Commemoration against the grain'


Listen again to Dr Gordon Gillespie:

‘The Journey of Reconciliation Trust: remembering the past differently’

(25 Feb. 2019)

Listen again to Dr Edward Burke:

‘The British Army in Northern Ireland: combat, cohesion and deviancy’

(4 March 2019)

Listen again to Dr Alan de Bromhead and Dr Alan Fernihough:

‘Representation of the people: franchise extension and the 1918 “Sinn Féin Election” in Ireland’

(11 March 2019)

Listen again to Dr Órla McGrory:

‘From the Free State to the continent: Irish language legal terminology and (mis)translation, 1922-2022’

(29 April 2019)

Listen again to Colleen Taylor:

'Violent materials: mantles, spinning wheels and the development of 18th-Century Irish Character'

(7 May 2019)

Listen again to Dr Peter Hession:

'Approaching a technological history of the Great Famine'

(13 May 2019)

Listen again to Dr Massimiliano Nastri:

‘Do we need to talk about Fascism in the Free State? Cumann na nGaedheal's Crises and Solutions, 1930 – 1932’

(20 May 2019)


Autumn 2018 Seminars

Spring 2018 Seminars

Listen again to Liam Kennedy on ‘Before childhood, after death: Irish mothers reflect on the fate of unbaptized infants’ (22 Jan. 2018)

 Listen again to Chris Colvin (QUB), Matthias Blum (QUB) and Eoin McLaughlin (St Andrews), on ‘Ireland’s chosen many: scarring and selection in the Great Irish Famine’ (29 January 2018)
 Listen again to Paddy Gleeson (QUB): ‘Ruling early medieval kingdoms: landscape and governance in the Irish Sea region’ (5 Feb. 2018)
 Listen again to Muiris Mac Carthaigh (QUB) on 'From Free State to Crisis State: The Evolution of the Irish Administration, 1922-2015' (12 Feb. 2018)
Listen again to Bridget Brownlow (St Mary's University, NS) on

‘Peace education in a post-conflict society - from Nova Scotia to Northern Ireland’ (19 Feb. 2018)

 Listen again to David Bell (QUB) on ‘Bronze Age blades and the Battle of Ballynahinch: unexpected connections' (20 March 2018)
 Listen again to Conor Lucey (UCD) on 'Personality crisis? Public architecture in eighteenth-century Ireland' (30 April 2018)
 Listen again to the QUB Launch of the Cambridge History of Ireland (14 May 2018)
Listen again to Kathryn McNeilly (QUB) and Mairead Enright (Birmingham) on 'Abortion law reform in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland' (8 May 2018)

Autumn 2017 Seminars

Spring 2017 Seminars

Autumn 2016 Seminars