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How can I maintain and improve my skills?

How can I maintain and improve my skills?
What to do?
Target-Language Country

Obviously there is nothing better than living in a target-language country to perfect and maintain your language skills, but that might not always be possible!

But it can be easy!

Six simple ways to keep up your language...

1. TV
Use your eyes!

Why not watch a programme or film in another language?

Click here for a list of European TV stations
2. Radio
Stay tuned!

Listen to some music or radio in another language

Click here for a list of online European radio stations
3. Settings
Change your settings

Change the settings on your mobile or social media accounts into a different language!

4. Native speakers
Meet new people

There are plenty of groups and clubs you can join across N Ireland to practise your language skills, meet like-minded people and native speakers.

Visit the Cercle Francais de Belfast website
reading French
5. Go back to school

It's never to late to learn a language!

Lots of language classes are held across Northern Ireland which allow you to take up a language from scratch, improve your language and meet like-minded language enthusiasts.

Visit the Open Learning at Queen's University website
Irish traditional music
6. Enjoy some culture

Explore different aspects!

There are many cultural events across Northern Ireland to celebrate languages other than English. Some of them include Salsa dancing (Salsa NI), Italian evenings (Italian Society NI on Facebook) and the Belfast Mela.

Find out about Irish-language events at the Culturlann Belfast