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What skills will I gain?

What skills will I gain?
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Transferable skills

These are some of the transferable skills that linguists possess that make them stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs. They make linguists attractive to employers and if a potential employee has spent time living abroad, this willingness to travel and understanding of other cultures will enhance their employability even more.

 There are many benefits to learning languages and you can use your skills in many ways.


You can read more from Alex Rawlings in his article 'Why I decided to learn languages (14 and counting)' on the British Council website here.

‘Talk the Talk’ is a quick and useful guide produced by the British Academy about how language skills and study can enrich your prospects and take you further. It outlines skills you can gain, testimonies from leading figures in the arts, sport, media, business, politics and other fields.

How to use your language knowledge

You might want to consider looking for a job to use your knowledge of languages. For more information on how to find a job that makes the most of your language skills visit-


Northern Ireland

To learn more about careers with Languages, Translation and Interpreting in N Ireland visit-     Diversity NI   


Use your Languages Degree

For information on how to use your Language degree visit-

For information on Careers for Irish speakers visit- GradIreland     Gaelport



More and more people decide to take a gap-year and travel to develop extra skills before deciding what to do next. A gap year could be the perfect opportunity to build your language competence. Here you can read one student's testimony in The Guardian of her year abroad in France. For more ideas on what to do and how to plan a gap year visit-

There are plenty of opportunities to work for a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) abroad and use your language skills to your advantage. For more tips and information visit-    Médecins sans Frontières

Why not consider working abroad as an English Language Assistant? For information visit-


Watch this video about WORKING AS AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSISTANT by the British Council.

Using Irish- Career Profile

(Translating for Europe)

For information on Careers in Interpreting with the European Commission please click here.

For information on Careers in Translating with the European Commission please click here.