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Riddel Hall

Delivering world-class business education

Riddel Hall was founded in 1913 as a residence for female students at Queen’s thanks to a donation of £25,000 by Eliza and Isabella Riddel.

It is now home to Queen's University Management School, the William J Clinton Leadership Institute, the Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy, Learning and Development (NICPLD).

Organised by the Internal Communications team, this tour will give you an insight into the history of the building, the power and impact of philanthropy and how the work that now takes place there is helping to drive the Northern Ireland economy.

The tour includes:

  • The Isdell Courtyard
  • The Leadership Institute
  • First Derivatives Trading Room
  • Executive areas and teaching rooms

Did you know?

  • Riddel Hall was home to over 1,000 young women between 1915 and 1975.
  • Residents received a shovel of coal which had to last them for one week.
  • Riddel Hall is supported by Founders’ Club, a group of NI businesses, who donated more than £1m to its redevelopment.
  • The redeveloped Riddel Hall retains many original features including fireplaces, wood panelling, bannisters, iron work, a desk top complete with graffiti and a coal chute built to facilitate the multiple floors.
  • There is one bronze plaque on the building which says 2013 instead of 1913…. See if you can find it on your tour.