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Team Brief

Team Brief
Queen's University Belfast
Our Team Brief

A core staff communication channel, the Team Brief is about keeping everybody up-to-date with key university decisions, information and progress, supporting a culture of two-way communication within the University.


The Team Brief is a quick and effective way of keeping staff informed about key university decisions, information and progress, and provides a channel for staff to give feedback and input. It operates as a cascade and is delivered by managers to their teams, ideally, on a face-to-face basis.


  • It provides a channel for delivering clear and consistent messages from the University Executive Board (UEB), University Operating Board (UOB) and the Faculty Executive Boards (FEB)
  • It supports managers in their communication and engagement by providing timely key information for them to use to brief staff at team meetings and encourages them to include their own local team information
  • It ensures there is a greater awareness of organisational issues among staff
  • Most importantly, it’s two-way - providing a channel for staff to provide feedback and input


The Team Brief operates as a cascade with managers throughout the University, delivering a mix of core university and local team information and news to staff.

Each month and following discussions at UEB and UOB a written Team Brief containing core university information will be circulated to the Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors (PVCs) and Directors who will add in their own information relevant to their Faculty or Directorate. The brief will then be cascaded throughout Faculties and Directorates with managers adding in local information relevant to their areas.

Ideally the brief will be delivered by managers face-to-face. However, it is recognised that there is not one single cascade method suitable across the whole University, so Faculties and Directorates have been working on developing the most suitable cascade mechanism for their individual areas.

What information is included in the Team Brief?

The Team Brief is made up of two types of content: 30% core brief items and 70% local brief content.

Core Brief Items: Information from UEB, UOB and senior management meetings as well as responses to staff feedback from previous briefs.

Local Brief Items: Information specific to your Faculty, School, Directorate and team. This could include:

  • Progress – update on progress, significant achievement, new projects
  • Policy/Plans – changes, building moves, new ideas and proposals
  • People – recognise achievement, new staff
  • Points for Action – deadlines 
  • Guidelines for managers


Feedback is an important part of the Team Brief. Staff are encouraged to share their views and comments on any element of the Team Brief with their managers.


Team Brief schedule: 2022-23

Cascade will begin on the following dates:

  • Thursday 13 October (please note that this date has changed from Monday 10 October)
  • Monday 7 November
  • Monday 5 December
  • Monday 30 January
  • Monday 27 February
  • Monday 27 March
  • Monday 15 May
  • Monday 12 June

Individual Directorates and Faculties will have their own cascade mechanisms for communicating the brief, but staff should expect to receive it as soon as possible after the start dates above.

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