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Previous HaBio Team Members


HaBio continues to evolve and expand.  Pathways, processes and ideas have been evolved by all the HaBio Team.  We remain very grateful for the valuable contributions of the following people who worked on the HaBio project.

Clinical Research Nurses:

Rachel Smith                      2nd July 2012 – 3rd January 2014                 

Kairen McCloy                   30th July 2012 – 29 April 2013                       

Karen Parsons                   24th February 2014 – 3rd Nov 2014            

Janine Gill                            21st April 2014 – 9th June 2015


HaBio Clinician

David Curry                         7th August 2013 – 6th Aug 2014                   


Clinical Trials Administrator

Julie Hunter                        1st March 2012 – 28th February 2015        



Gail Carson                         1st August 2012 – 5th June 2015