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Sleep More Soundly

Tip #1 - Get Some Light

Get some light! - Humans are solar powered! Light is the number one thing that helps regulate our circadian rhythm and promotes health sleep.

Tip #2 - Establishing and Maintaining Good Routines

Establishing and maintaining good routine - Routines such as waking, eating and going to sleep at regular times is really important to regulate our circadian rhythm and promote healthy sleep.

Tip #3 - Create Sleep Pressure

Create Sleep Pressure – That sleepy feeling we get which helps us nod off builds up across the day and varied daytime activities can help increase sleep pressure promoting healthy sleep.

Tip #4 - Take A Tech Break

Take a tech break – We all know how damaging too much blue light can be to our sleep cycle. It diminishes a special hormone that promotes sleep so best to factor in some time away from tech help us nod off.

Tip #5 - De-Stress & Relax

De-stress & Relax – Life is busy, stressful and unpredictable. This can raise our stress levels and interfere with healthy sleep so take time to chill out at night to promote healthy sleep.