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University Health Centre

Staying healthy during your time at Queen's

The University Health Centre at Queen's University Belfast is an independent National Health general medical practice located next to the Student Guidance Centre. You can access specific directions by clicking here.  The practice provides both student-focused and general National Health services.

Registrations at the University Health Centre at Queens are accepted from the following catchment areas:

BT1, BT2, BT3, BT4, BT5, BT6, BT7, BT8, BT9, BT10, BT11, BT12 and BT17.

Students living outside the UHC catchment areas can search for a GP practice local to where they live by clicking here.

*The Health Centre require processing time for all registrations, this is dependent on volumes of registrations received and you can enquire at the time of registering. 

However, if you have an urgent health concern (this does not include repeat prescribing of existing medication **) please contact the surgery and discuss this with a member of the admin team: Tel: 028 9066 3634

** If you are taking regular medication, supplying a medical history from your previous GP can assist us with your prescribing requirements.

Contact Information

The University Health Centre at Queen's
7 University Terrace,
Elmwood Mews

Tel: 028 9066 4634

Visit the Website: