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ESRC Guidelines Workshop

Guidelines for Volunteer-Led Arts Programmes in Renal Units Workshop

Dr Helen Noble, Dr Claire Carswell and Anna Wilson held an online workshop on Tuesday 26th January 2021 to outline and refine guidelines for volunteer-led arts programmes in regional haemodialysis units. The presentation was led by Dr Claire Carswell with patient and clinician perspectives from William Johnston, renal patient, and Ellen Walsh, renal nurse. The guidelines have been drafted through a collaboration between the QUB School of Nursing research team, staff from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, kidney patients, carers and artists, and the workshop provided an opportunity for stakeholders to further inform and refine the document. This project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account.

With thanks to...

Giulietta Whitmore - Advocacy Officer and Patient Support for West Midlands, Kidney Care UK & kidney patient

William Johnston - Advocacy Officer and Patient Support for Northern Ireland, Kidney Care UK & kidney patient

Sandy Lines, MBE - Advocacy Officer and Patient Support for East of England and the East Midlands, Kidney Care UK

Dr Robert Mullan - Renal Consultant, NHSCT

Libby Weatherup - Renal Counseller, NHSCT

Mairead Canavan - Renal Ward Manager, NHSCT

Gwen McKendry - Renal Nurse, NHSCT

Belinda White - Renal Nurse, NHSCT

Sarah-Jane Montgomery - Arts Manager, MayWe

Stephanie Burton - Acute Medical Nurse & PhD Candidate

Leah Glass - Health and Wellbeing Locality Lead, NHSCT

Nicola Arbuckle - Health & Wellbeing Manager, NHSCT

Hugh Nelson - Head of Community Wellbeing, NHSCT

Elaine Gilmour - Programme Delivery Officer, Health & Wellbeing Team, NHSCT

Ellie Stubbs - Renal Youth Worker, Southampton Children's Hospital

Nikki Sturgeon - Health and Wellbeing Manager, NHSCT

Dr Noleen McCorry - Lecturer, Centre for Public Health QUB  

Ellen Walsh - Renal Nurse, BHSCT