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Launch of Technician Apprenticeship Programme

Queen's University Belfast has announced the launch of its new Technician Apprenticeship Programme, set to begin in September 2023.


The three-year pilot programme will help the university to develop its own workforce, while also providing opportunities for apprentices to earn while they learn. The programme will also address workforce and succession planning for the technical workforce at Queen's.

Apprentices who take part in the programme will work for Queen's University and gain valuable experience. The university aims to appoint nine apprentices across the faculties of EPS and MHLS, as well as the Information Services directorate. The apprentices will spend their time working at Queen's while also receiving training at a partnering college.

The Technician Apprenticeship Programme was launched at an event that saw staff from across the university come together to discuss the advantages and challenges of employing technical apprentices. Guest speakers Caleb Wright and Peter Brazier from the University of Birmingham and Work Plus led the discussion, providing insight into how the programme can benefit both apprentices and employers.

The university is committed to providing opportunities for the whole of Northern Irish society, and the Technician Apprenticeship Programme is an important step towards achieving that goal.

Apprenticeships are a key contributor to the UK economy, with an estimated contribution of £200 million per year. The introduction of the Technician Apprenticeship Programme at Queen's University Belfast is an exciting opportunity for the university to contribute to this important sector.

Overall, the Technician Apprenticeship Programme at Queen's University Belfast is an excellent opportunity for both the university and the wider community. By providing advanced level apprenticeships, Queen's is investing in the future of its workforce while supporting the development of skills in the wider community.