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CMS Environment - Upgrade to PHP Version 7.4

Following the completion of our testing schedule, the CMS will be upgraded to use the latest supported version of PHP 7.

The WST are currently evaluating core solutions that we have developed and are responsible for within the CMS. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that the CMS continues to be a secure environment, for solutions that are developed by the WST, and that are utilised by our service users and website audience. 

We are hopeful that this upgrade can be completed in the next few weeks and outside of core working hours.  We will issue an update to all CMS Users to advise when this work has been scheduled with Terminal Four.

Please note: We are not responsible for reviewing or testing any PHP applications or code developed by staff outside of the WST.  We recommend that any use of PHP code for bespoke solutions, integrations or otherwise, whether inside or outside of the CMS, are reviewed by those who implemented the solution, and either updated or removed.  If you require any help with reviewing your PHP code, please get in contact with the WST via the IT Helpdesk.