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Web CMS: We've Upgraded to Terminalfour 8.3.16

We're happy to announce that the latest T4 Upgrade has been successfully launched on 31 May 2023.

This latest T4 release implements many helpful improvements for our service users.  Editing sections and content has become much easier. Finding sections within your Site Structure and when adding Section Links is fast using the new Section Filtering feature. Editing and formatting internal links is now a quick user friendly action.  The key improvements for users within this latest upgrade are:

  • Section Filtering in Site Structure
  • Section Filtering in the Edit Section Screen
  • Section Filtering when adding Section and Content Links
  • Easier formatting of internal links
  • Smart Default when duplicating an item
  • Improved Current Section highlighting in the Section screen
  • Highlighted duplicate section

Section Filtering

Want to find a section quickly in your Site Structure? With Section Filtering, you can find sections by filtering by name. You can also use Section Filtering in the Edit Section screen and when adding any Section or Content link. You can see more on our Section Filtering guidance page.  Here's a quick overview: 

A demo of the new Section Filter in Terminalfour Release 8.3.15

Formatting Links Got Easier

Previously it was difficult to select a link and update it.  Now all you need to do is:

  • Click once on the link to select it and add formatting.
  • Click twice on the link to open the options window to update the link address.

Smart Default When Duplicating A Content Item

When you duplicate a Content Item, the current Section will be now be selected in the Site Structure selection window:

Highlighted Duplicate Section 

After you've duplicated a Section, it will be highlighted and the Site Structure will scroll to it, so you don't have to search for it in your Site Structure.

Improved Current Section Highlighting In The Section Screen

Previously when you edited a Section, the Site Structure view on the left was displayed from the root Section and extended the full height of the Site Structure. Now the height is constrained, and the current Section is highlighted and in view. 

Further Information

If you want to learn more about Site Structure features, Terminalfour provide full guidance on using Site Structure and Sections

You can also get in touch with us here in the Web Support Team, if you have any questions.