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Guidance for Students

This guidance, which applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, is intended to provide advice on the academic appeals process i.e. students seeking the amendment to, or reversal of, a decision taken by a Board of Examiners relating to their academic performance, progression and/or award.  The appeals process does not set aside the academic judgement of examiners but seeks to ensure that all relevant circumstances are considered and taken into account and that the University's Regulations procedures have been followed before a final decision is taken on a student’s future. 

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Academic Appeal Regulations (Taught Programmes) and the General Provisions Relating to Academic Appeals, Conduct, Academic Offences, and Student Complaints. Where there is any doubt, the Regulations take precedence over this guidance.

A former student may not lodge an appeal after they have graduated from the University.  However, a student may proceed to graduate while appealing, providing the appeal is submitted within 10 working days of the formal publication of the final result.

Should a change to a result be required following an appeal, the student’s transcript will be amended accordingly. Where a degree classification changes after graduation, the student will be issued with an amended parchment on return of the original parchment.

Please note: Neither the Faculty Student Appeals Committee (FSAC) nor the Central Student Appeals Committee (CSAC) can make academic judgements, i.e., change marks or degree classifications.  Neither the FSAC nor the CSAC can permit students to re-sit or retake modules which they have already passed.

There are two stages of the academic appeals process for taught programmes. This flowchart outlines the stages of the process.

Academic Appeals

If you are dissatisfied with an academic decision of the Board of Examiners in your School, you may appeal on certain grounds.

The initial stage of the appeals process is the paper-based, FSAC stage. Appeals to FSAC must be made within 10 working days of the University deadline for publication of results.

If you remain unhappy with the outcome of FSAC, you can then appeal to CSAC, within 5 working days of your FSAC outcome. You cannot appeal directly to the CSAC against the decision of the Board of Examiners without first appealing to FSAC.

At all stages of the process, there are tight deadlines to which students must adhere. It is your responsibility to establish, and meet, the relevant appeal deadline.