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Student Complaints - A Student Guide

Student Complaints - A Student Guide

Sometimes you may feel unhappy with an aspect of your University experience; you may wish to make a complaint.  The University wants to hear from students who feel dissatisfied and welcomes the opportunity to deal with issues and to improve the experience for future Queen’s students.

This guide will help you understand the complaints procedure.  It should be read in conjunction with the Student Complaints Procedure. Where there is any doubt, the Students Complaint Procedure will take precedence

Overview of the Procedure

There are three stages to the Student Complaints Procedure:

Stage 1: Seeking a resolution at local level.

Stage 2: Formal complaint submitted to the Head of Academic Affairs.

Stage 3: Appeal against Stage 2 outcome, on specific grounds, submitted to the Director of Education and Student Services.

For guidance on each of the stages, please click on the links below: