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Help clarify good performance (goals, criteria, standards)


Help Clarify good performance (goals criteria standards)

  • Do your students understand the assessment criteria you use?
  • Do they understand the standards required to achieve a particular grade for each criterion or overall?
  • Do you discuss these with them before they start the task?
  • If you do, are the students able to state these in their own words?
Research has shown that students who engage with assessment criteria and standards are more likely to be able to manage their own learning. For example, Rust et al. (2003) found that by working with students in their first term on assessment, assessment criteria and marking that there was a significant increase in the marks in the final assessment, compared with students who had not taken part in the exercise.

 Adapted from REAP and the Viewpoints Project e-AFFECT and JISC Logos


Some ways to do this.... Technologies to consider....
Provide clear definitions of what is required for each task Screen Recording Tools/ Sound Recording
Provide explicit marking criteria and standards Screen Recording Tools/ Referencing and Citation
Provide opportunities for discussion and reflection about the criteria and standards before students start the task Collaboration Tools/ Online Testing
Students put assessment criteria into their own words Collaboration Tools / Online Testing/ Referencing and Citation
Students generate own criteria and standards and compare to staff criteria Collaboration Tools/ Online Testing
Provide model answers and opportunities for students to compare their own work against these Screen Recording Tools / Written Feedback Tools/ Peer to Peer Tools
Explain the rationale for the assessment task Screen Recording Tools/ Sound Recording
Marking exercises where students look at examples of work of different standards from a previous year to identify a rank order and why Online Testing/ Written Feedback Tools/ Peer to Peer Tools

Some Queen’s examples