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Provide opportunities to act on feedback

Provide opportunities to act on feedback(goals criteria standards)

Staff often raise the issue that students do not use the feedback given. There are a number of reasons why this might be including:
  • students’ perception of feedback coming too late
  • the module is over, and/or
  • the mark achieved is acceptable to them.
Students need to use both formative and summative feedback as a means of improving their future performance. Other than via the next piece of assessed work, do you provide students with opportunities to internalise and act on the feedback given? Equally, students will not be able to action the feedback if they do not understand it – this usually comes down to the terminology used by the assessor.
 Adapted from REAP and the Viewpoints Project e-AFFECT and JISC Logos
Some ways to do this... Technologies to consider...
Provide feedback on a draft – this could be tutor feedback or it could be peer feedback which engages the students with the assessment criteria and the ‘art of marking’ Collaboration Tools/ Written Feedback Tools/ Portfolio Tools
Withhold the mark until the student has produced an action plan for the future work (360 degree feedback) Written Feedback Tools
As part of personal tutoring, require students to produce an action plan at the beginning of the new semester/year on how they will address the feedback given in the previous semester/year Portfolio Tools/ Written Feedback Tools/ Collaboration Tools
Regular activities throughout module that receive feedback – expect this feedback to be incorporated Portfolio Tools/ Written Feedback Tools/ Collaboration Tools/ Multimedia Authoring Tools/ Online Submission/Online Testing
Have one assignment come in early which is marked and returned to the students in time for them to use the feedback in the second assignment Online Submission/ Written Feedback Tools/ Collaboration Tools
Ensure that students understand the feedback provided Online Testing/ Collaboration Tools/ Interactive Voting/ Lecture Participation

Some Queen’s examples