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Originality Report

Once a student paper is submitted to the service the script is compared with the contents of the TurnitinUK database and an originality report is produced within 4 hours (as a general rule). The percentage of matched text for each assignment is displayed. The originality report shows the original text in a colour coded format with corresponding links to each source. See below for an example of an originality report.

Originality report
Example of an originality report
  1. The student’s submission is displayed on the left and link(s) to the source(s) of the matching text is displayed on the right.
  2. The system allows you to view the source text and also the position within that text of the matching words and phrases.
  3. The overall percentage of matched text is displayed at the top of the report.
  4. You can choose whether or not to include/exclude quotations and bibliography in the comparison.

Note: The software does not compare any images or computer code in the student’s work. JISC has review of software for source code plagiarism detection.