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Library Borrowers’ Policy

Policy Objectives

To provide guidelines regarding the responsibilities of both the Library and its members with respect to borrowing material.  


If you borrow an item from the Library you are responsible for its return. You can check what items you have on loan using My Account via Queen’s Online.

The number of items that you may borrow and the loan period depends on you membership category.

All loans should be retuned before you leave the University or before your membership expires.

Renewals and Recalls

Standard Loan material is automatically renewed unless an item is in demand, your membership is about to expire or, you have an outstanding charge pending.

All Standard Loan items are subject to recall if required by another reader. Thus, whenever a book is in demand the loan period is immediately reduced to one week and, a fine is payable if it is returned after that date.

It is not possible to renew items held in the Short Loan Collection. A higher-rate fine is charged for the late return of these heavily used items.

Overdues, invoice and fines

You will be considered to be in default of the Library, if you fail to return a recalled item without any explanation or, fail to pay the charge incurred.

After a third overdue reminder, your Library Account will be suspended thereby preventing you from borrowing or requesting any more material.

Ultimately students may face disciplinary action whilst all other borrowers may be referred to the Director of Information Services.


Fines are charges on overdue recalled items. The current rates can be found on the Library Fines web page.

Fines may be paid by credit/debit card either in person at a Borrower Services Desk or via My Account.

In extenuating circumstances, the Director of Library Services, or nominee, may reduce or waive a fine.

The Library's Responsibilities

The Library has a responsibility to keep stock in circulation and to make items available to its members. When an item is overdue, it impacts negatively on other users who wish to use the material.

To help you to keep track of your loans and return them in a timely manner, the Library will communicate with you regularly as follows: -

Renewal Update Notices

Provides regular updates on the items that you have on loan – which ones have been automatically renewed and which ones could not be renewed for whatever reason. See Renewing and Requesting for more information.

  • In Demand Notices

Asks you to return a book because another person wants it. You will be given an amended ‘due back’ date.

  • Overdue Notices

Informs you when an item is overdue and asks you to return or renew it as soon as possible.

The third overdue notice will prevent you from borrowing, renewing or requesting material from the Library.

  • Invoices

An invoice is to cover the replacement cost of an unreturned item, both printed and non-book materials. The charge includes an administrative fee.

  • Unpaid invoices

After 30 days you will be contacted again if you have not paid the replacement cost of an item.

If the matter remains unresolved at 60 days, you may be referred to the Director of Information Services.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for any use made of your library card or credentials so keep them safe and do not share them with anyone else.

Books and other loanable items must be issued to your library record before being removed from the Library. However, there are some loanable items, such as headphones, laptops and chargers, that should not be taken out of the building.

The Library’s resources are a shared facility, so please help us keep material in circulation and readily available to other users by retuning borrowed items promptly.


Revised February 2022