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The School of Mathematics and Physics comprises three teaching divisions, each with a head of teaching; and seven Research Centres. There is a considerable crossover between these areas and the ethos of the School is one of excellence in research informing excellence in teaching. Students enjoy the benefits of modern practical laboratories, extensive computer facilities, and a programme for the development of personal skills, such as computation, information processing, problem solving and written and oral communication.

Welcome to the Mathematics & Physical Sciences Pathway!

PHOTO: Steven White
The Mathematics & Physical Sciences Pathway programme will give you an opportunity to see how skills you learn in Maths and Science classes at school can be applied to help understand and solve real world problems such as climate change. During this fun and rewarding program you will learn about the diverse range of topics that maths and the physical sciences encompasses. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet and chat to our current students studying for degrees here, some of whom have come through the Pathway Opportunity Programme. If you have any further questions, please get in touch! Steven White
Mathematics & Physical Sciences