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Interdisciplinary collaboration and strong partnership working underpins our commitment to high impact global research. To this end, we work with a wide range of partners and organisations in the UK and Ireland including Land and Property Services, the Northern Ireland Statistical Research Agency, Belfast City Council, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, British Geological Survey, Geological Society of London, and Geological Survey of Ireland.

We engage with European and international partners to advance cutting edge, innovative research and teaching in spatial data analysis and geographical information science. We are actively involved in the Association of Geographical Information, Geological Society London, Royal Irish Academy, International Association of Mathematical Geoscience (IAMG), the UNESCO Centre for Global Geochemistry (MOU), the International Union of Geological Science, Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) and the Initiative on Forensic Geoscience (IFG).

Centre members are involved in a wide range of public science events including the NI Science Festival, media events, local and international academic and professional bodies and government committees.