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DroneLab at The Centre for GIS & Geomatics


The DroneLab is a resource for researchers and students who are interested in, or want to, develop and promote applications using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles or Drones for research and spatial data collection.


DroneLab specialises in, but is not limited to, drone use applications in Geomatics, 2d/3d Topographical Survey, Geosciences,  Mapping/Modelling Heritage Landscapes & Structures, Environmental Monitoring,  Remote Sensing, Precision Agriculture, Infrastructure Management / Inspection and Humanitarian Mapping.

The lab is supported by a fleet of professional survey and consumer drone systems including fixed wing and rotor craft.  Drone Sensor support includes Visible, Thermal and Multispectral cameras, Real Time Kinematic GNSS enabled drones, ground control resources (Ground Control Targets) and survey grade GNSS receivers.

Software access includes research and education licensing for popular industry standard commercial photogrammetrical software, Agisoft Metashape, Pix4D Desktop and the opensource software OpenDrone Map (WebODM).

The majority of our drones are managed under CAAUK PFCO/ GVC regulations to ensure safety and regulatory compliance when conducting surveys.  We can advise on safe drone use, suitable drone systems/uses and can undertake drone surveys for student/staff projects and research consultancy.

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