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Ideas for HE, FE and Organisations

How can HE, FE and Organisations celebrate EDL?

Here are our top 10 ideas to help you celebrate European Day of Languages

  1. Organise a “Famous Faces” quiz of people in the media, sports, music or cinema who speak another language. Match match the name to a photo and say what language they speak.
  2. Have a one-day sponsored ‘lingo-thon’ for charity. Speak to each other in different languages as much as possible. Greet one another in another language. Put up signs in languages around the workplace.
  3. Invite native speakers of languages other than English to come and share new words.
  4. Display EDL materials in foyers, common rooms, classrooms and corridors.
  5. Use international names for a day!
  6. Make a group visit to a restaurant serving food from a European country. Try to learn any words in the different language from the menu.
  7. Learn a traditional sport, dance or song from another country.
  8. Organise an international film night for charity or go to watch an international film in your local cinema.
  9. Have language taster sessions in a variety of languages. Don’t forget sign language.
  10. Make a short video of EDL in your workplace and share it with us on Twitter @NICILT #EDL2019.