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Please read the following points carefully if entering a team for 2021:

1. When will we receive the task sheet?

The deadline to register is 5pm Friday 27th November and a copy of the task sheet will be sent to the registered teacher on Monday 30th November.

2. Can our school submit more than one team?

 Only one entry per school will be accepted. However, we would encourage schools to run their own mini competitions to select their final 4 pupils.

3. Should pupils wear their uniform whilst filming the video?

As the competition is not taking place on campus this year, pupils are free to wear their uniform or 'dress up' if they feel it adds dramatic flair to their video.

4. Does the product being sold have to be already in existence? 

No, pupils are welcome to design a completely new product if they wish. 

5. Can pupils market a product made locally in Northern Ireland?

No, pupils should choose to market a product that is either from or relates to Spain and/or the Spanish speaking world.

6. Do they need to make real products for their video? 

This is completely up to your team. If the pupils wish to, they can include a physical mock up of their product as a prop to use in their video, or simply use images or drawings they've created themselves. Schools are not required to send physical products for judging.

7. Can pupils who are native Spanish speakers take part in Hispanofest? 

If you have native speakers of Spanish who would like to take part, we would kindly ask that only one takes part in the competition. If one of your team is a native speaker, please advise us of this upon submission of your entry so that we can take it into consideration during the judging process.

8. Do I need to register the names of the pupils in advance? 

No, but we would ask that you supply the names of your pupils upon final submission of your entry. 

9. Do the pupils have to be from Year 10? 

Yes, Hispanofest is open only to Year 10 pupils who study Spanish.

10. Can a pupil take part in both Francofest and Hispanofest?

Yes, a pupil can take part in both competitions. However, we would encourage schools to field different pupils in each competition to maximise the number of participants in each school.

11. Can pupils use cue cards whilst filming their video?

Pupils can of course use cue cards to help them remember their script, but we would encourage pupils not to use cue cards whilst filming the final video as they are distracting to the viewer.

12. Do all pupils have to speak during the video? 

Yes, all 4 pupils should have a speaking part in the final video.

13. My class are self-isolating and cannot film the video together in school. Will the entry be penalised?

If pupils are working from home, they will not be penalised for filming a video remotely through MS Team or equivalent video conferencing tool.

14. Can a teacher feature on the team's video entry?

Teachers can assist pupils with the technical aspects of filming their video but should stay firmly behind the camera! If team mates wish to, they may use other pupils or staff members as background parts, but only team members should have speaking parts.

15. Can the leaflet and video script be corrected by the teacher or Spanish assistant?

Teachers are permitted to help their team to prepare for the competition and may prompt their pupils to look at areas of grammar where the team are making consistent errors (i.e. adjective agreements, tenses etc.) , but teachers SHOULD NOT correct the video script or leaflet ahead of submission. Given that this is a virtual competition, we rely on your professional integrity.   

16. How should entries be submitted?

All entries should be submitted by email in a format that can be accessed through Microsoft 10. Videos can be submitted as a either an MP4 file, Youtube link, MS Stream link or equivalent. Teams can choose to create their leaflet by hand or digitally, however please note that leaflets should be submitted in digital format only. We cannot accept hardcopy submissions, so hand drawn pieces should be scanned and converted to PDF. If we cannot read/view an entry in the format submitted, the registered teacher will be contacted and given 5 working days to resubmit.

17. What prizes are available?

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

1) Best Spanish (clarity of spoken Spanish on the video entry and accuracy of written Spanish on their leaflet) 

2) Best video 

3) Best leaflet

4) Most creative

5) Best use of technology

6) Overall winners (Top-scoring team) 

Prizes will be announced via live stream during the Awards Afternoon in February. If possible, prizes will be sent to the registered teacher in advance of the awards afternoon, however we would ask that you DO NOT share this information with your class or on social media until winners have been officially announced. All pupils will receive a certificate of participation.


18. Who will judge entries?

Entries will be judged by independant Spanish speakers from QUB. NICILT staff will instruct the judges as to the criteria they must follow, but will not be involved in the judging process.

19. Can we find out our score? 

Scores will not be shared with schools and the decision of the judging panel is final. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide feedback to individual schools but we may share general comments from the judges when we announce the winners.

20. What costs will be incurred?

The competition is FREE so the only cost to schools will be for materials if pupils choose to use physical props whilst filming their video.

21. When will the awards afternoon take place?

NICILT will advise of the confirmed date and time for the awards afternoon when task sheets are distributed on 30th November 2020.

22. When will teacher packs for the awards afternoon be distributed? 

Teacher packs will be sent to the registered teacher one week in advance of the awards afternoon. This is to allow time for schools to devise their own bespoke lesson plans and distribute materials to all staff taking part.

23. Should I arrange an afternoon off timetable for the whole year group to facilitate the awards afternoon?

As the materials and activities supplied  in the teacher packs are on the theme of 'Languages in the Global Workplace', we would strongly encourage departments to use the Hispanofest awards afternoon as part of their GCSE recruitment strategy. However, if it is not possible to secure an afternoon off timetable, please feel free to pick and choose materials in the pack to deliver a lesson to your class at a time of your choosing.

24. The Awards Afternoon clashes with another scheduled event - can we still get involved?

If you choose to hold your awards afternoon at an alternative time, that's fine! NICILT will record the winners announcement and the recording will be available thereafter to all schools who submitted an entry. Please be aware, we will share news of the winners on our website and social media shortly after the awards afternoon.

25. My school didn't register for Hispanofest - can we take part in the awards afternoon? 

Materials for the awards afternoon will only be made available to schools who registered to take part in the competition and submitted an entry. If you would like to use NICILT materials for in-house GCSE recruitment activities, please contact to discuss your requirements.

26. I have a question that has not been addressed here - who can I speak to?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at