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Humberto Almeida Jr.

Dr. Humberto Almeida Jr.

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

Research Staff

Humberto is a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) research fellow (2021-2026). The primary focus of his current research is on the Uncertainty QUAntification in the design and analysis of Future composite Aerostructures (UQUAFA).

His research aims to develop lighter, more damage tolerant, yet safer, composite aerostructures. Robust computational models will predict the mechanical response of fibre-reinforced composites under damage-inducing loads, accounting for material and manufacturing uncertainties, combined with a physically based damage model that spans across micro-macro scales.

Within the context of Humberto's Fellowship, he is currently mentored by: Professor Brian Falzon (QUB/RMIT) and Professor Philip J. Withers (University of Manchester). 

Humberto's research interests include:

  • Uncertainty Quantification towards less conservative knockdown factors in composite aerostructures,
  • Stochastic modelling,
  • Multiscale modelling,
  • Imperfection sensitivity of variable-angle composite shells,
  • Modern and robust optimisation methods,
  • Advanced manufacturing.
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