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Accessibility: CMS Deeplinking now available in Siteimprove

This facility will provide a quicker way for users to navigate and edit accessibility issues in CMS content.

We are pleased to announce that CMS deeplinking has been set up within the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform.  

How does this work?

Once Siteimprove has identified an accessibility issue for you to correct, CMS Deeplinks assist with this process by creating a link from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform to the corresponding editing page in the CMS.  This can be a time saver as you will not need to navigate through the site structure in the CMS in order to take the necessary remedial action for identified accessibility issues in your content.

How do I access CMS Deeplinks?

Users with access to Siteimprove for their respective websites, can begin using CMS Deeplinks from both the Siteimprove Dashboard Report and the individual Siteimprove Page Reports.  For more information, you can watch this short video to find out how to access CMS Deeplinks and understand the link between both platforms.

Register for Siteimprove Access and Dashboard Reports

If you currently have the responsibility for editing content in CMS based websites and have not yet registered for a Siteimprove account, please complete the following registration form. Once we have your information, we can set up the required access to your website and schedule an accessibility dashboard report.


Please log any support requests for the Siteimprove Platform and accessibility issues relating to CMS based websites with us via the IT Helpdesk as follows:

  • Visit the IT Helpdesk
  • Log in with your staff AD credentials
  • Select 'New Call'
  • For Call Type select 'Services
  • For Category select 'CMS'
  • And from the generated dropdown select 'Accessibility Support'

We will endeavour to respond to your support request as soon as possible.