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Accessibility: Potential Issues Added to Siteimprove Dashboard Reports

CMS Users that have registered for a Siteimprove Dashboard Report relating to section(s) and website(s) they are responsible for will see Potential Issues introduced to the reports for the first time.

Those registered users currently receive a scheduled Siteimprove Dashboard Report via email on a fortnightly basis.  The engagement so far has been very good and users have proactively taken the remedial action required to improve the accessibility of their content.

The last feature to be added to the Dasboard Report will see the introduction of 'Potential Issues'.  This short article and Siteimprove Guidance will aim to help users understand what this means.

What is a Potential Issue?

In this category, items identified by the Siteimprove Platform as a Potential Issue, will need to be checked by a human before they can be confirmed as issues or dismissed.  Usually some information is required about the purpose, context, or meaning of page elements, so a human decision is required to help the platform decide whether it meets accessibility rules or not.

What is the process of reviewing a Potential Issue?

Potential Issues are categorised separately to actual issues to begin with.  A user will then complete a guided review process, answering yes or no questions, whenever Siteimprove highlights an issue for review.  When a user answers these questions, the platform can decide if it is an issue or not.  If the item is classed as an issue following this, it will be moved to the issue category and will require remedial action.  If the item is not classed as an issue, the platform will remember the users answers and remove the Potential Issue from the listing.  

What Potential Issues should I review?

Some Potential Issues may be of a technical nature and the WST will review and fix those.  However, the content based Potential Issues that users should focus on will be highlighted in the 'What are Potential Issues?' section of the Dashboard Reports.  Please focus on the issues that are highlighted in bold.

How important is providing the right answers during the review process?

It is very important that users give the correct answers during the guided review process.  If wrong answers are chosen or provided, the system will store them and it could result in accessibility issue not being flagged, or a non-issue being flagged, so please read the guidance as part of the Page Report.

What if I am not sure of the answers for some questions during the review process?

That is completely fine.  If you are not sure about the answers to the questions as part of the guided review, or what the questions mean, please log a query via the IT Helpdesk using the following steps

You can read more about Siteimprove, Dashboard Reports, Issues and Potential Issues, CMS Deeplinking and the Siteimprove Chrome extension and more by visiting the links below:

University Staff that currently own or have the responsibility of editing content for CMS based websites can complete the following form to register for access to Siteimprove and receive scheduled Accessibility Dashboard Reports for their websites.