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Updated and Improved Content Type Guidance

Find out how the team have updated the format of information now available for Content Types in the CMS, and ensure you are aware of our guidance relating to the use of the Code Only Content Type.

The Web Support Team have been working hard behind the scenes to update our information relating to the available Content Types in the CMS.  We feel that this piece of work was necessary so that our CMS Users are better informed about the content blocks available for use, based on the Page Layout that is applied to each of their respective websites.  

As part of our technical review in the Website Accessibility Project, we identified that our CMS Users needed more clarity on the resources that were available to them when starting to create content for their websites.  We also acknowledged that our CMS Users would need examples and guidance that would help them ensure that the content they create adheres to accessibility regulations. 

Content Type Guidance Resource

To assist with this, we have created a Content Type Guidance Resource which is simply a component that can be used to filter the Content Types based on the selected Page Layout.  By selecting a Page Layout, CMS Users will see the list of Content Types available to them, that can be used to build their content.  As part of that list, each Content Type will have a link under the 'View Guidance' column for more information on how to use that Content Type appropriately.

Updated Content Type Guidance

Clicking on 'View Guidance' beside a Content Type in the Content Type Guidance Table will take users to our updated guidance.  This guidance has been created with consistency in mind and covers the areas that CMS Users need to consider when using a Content Type.  The guidance for each Content Type has the following structure:

  • Examples of how each Content Type can be used.  They may look slightly different when used in each Page Layout but the underlying guidance will be the same.
  • General Guidance - Information on imagery, links, and resources that CMS Users will need.
  • Accessibility Guidance - Advice on the do's and don'ts for each Content Type so they comply with accessibility regulations.
  • Form Field Guidance - Information on required fields and maximum characters allowed.  We will also use this guidance to make CMS Users aware of any changes to the fields and functionality of the Content Type.

Code Only Content Guidance

We would appreciate if all CMS Users read the most recent guidance relating to the Code Only Content Type.  This is particularly important to ensure that you are using this Content Type correctly. It should not be used by any CMS Users to add bespoke styling, custom code or embed unapproved integrations.  Either you will be asked to remove the identified content, or it will be removed by the Web Support Team.  The Web Developers in the Web Support Team are the only personnel approved to use this content type for bespoke purposes.  We will be phasing out access to this Content Type in the next few months and replacing it with integration specific Content Types. 

If you have any queries regarding this, please get in contact with us via the IT Helpdesk.